Test 18 Safesites

I created the following test sites:

  1. safe://💩
    (testing emojis as addresses… btw can’t the network take unicode instead of using Punycode?)

  2. safe://poop
    (testing remaping to the previous one)

  3. safe://doge
    (testing video)

I tried opening the Gamerbits safesite but it seems that either they didn’t reupload it to test18 or they took it down. I can’t access it.


Yes it was demoed on mock routing in our video. Will upload to test 18 and update here on our thread

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btw, if any user (re)uploaded their safesites, please post it here.

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I noticed I couldn’t use the unicode letter “å” in an html-file name. I wrote about that earlier somewhere here. I’m not sure anybody noticed. I consider it a bug, but I’m not sure where to report it formally.


I think @bochaco is yer man for these sort of bugs.

By the way, I was thinking Maidsafe should have a central place on GitHub where all bugs could be logged, rather than having them split out over the various sub-projects. After all I’m sure most of us don’t know our safe_core from our safe_node_js when it comes to working out the cause of some weird behaviour.


Hi all,
Could someone let me know if you are able to view and interact with the following site:
User intz is getting an error message saying webgl not supported but it runs fine on my safe browser which i downloaded the zip (not the clone).

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No, it’s not loading for me (Windows, Zip version)

Hmm thats pretty bizarre as it runs straight out of a folder on a local machine and fine in my browser, is there a way to test as if I am another user to dig into where it fails?

I’ll just add my websites safe://safedemo.jam
and safechat go here to figure out how to use it

Thanks @Sascha and @JPL for reporting it, I raised a bug to take care of it.

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