Test 17 Sites and Emails


It is possible to access these safe websites (not demo apps) as a basic user?


Not yet, you need trustlevel 2. But hopefully in the coming week they open it to the rest of the forum.


Ok I just got trust level 2.

I clicked the invitation link from 2 computers but didn’t set anything up. For some reason I see following when I try to set it up:

Any idea what is wrong here?


hahahah classic ! I’m offended


This illustrates the ability to use WebGL and programmable shaders that access the GPU. check it out:



my email: zoki

Wow! Just wow!!! I just qualified for testing. Damn… I am showing off this to everyone I know.
I feel something in my chest and stomach. You have moved me. This is amazing. It actually works.
I’ve checked out a few of the sites above, my favourite is the maidfaucet. :wink:

People who are not able to test yet, who are asking if the team will deliver… They certainly have.
The marble block has been chipped away, it stands before me - I can see the statues form, and I can
clearly tell what it is. Might be a little rough round the edges, and not ready for a public viewing, but,
its here… the SAFE network is here!

Am going to play with the rest of the apps.

Well done! Well done everyone on the team.

Maidsafe is severely undervalued at current prices.

How confident are you that Maidsafe will deliver?

@Krekc Charming animation at safe://cheburashka really nice. :slight_smile:

lalalalalalalala oh man. So much nice content. Wish I could send the links to people I know… haha. Soon I hope.

It feels like the internet of 1990’s, So nice to be a part of this.

Any one feel like recreating Geocities? https://www.wired.com/2010/11/geocities-lives-on-as-massive-torrent-download/
Could draw a lot of attention when SAFE launches.


Can someone send me a mail with the SAFE app at: krekc@safemail.nl

I sent some mails to some of you, but am kind of wondering if no one sent anything back or that this address that I chose may just not be working?

Edit: it’s working, thanks @polpolrene


Finally made it onto the network. Congrats on work so far, looks impressive. Where is the email app?


Mail app didn’t remember my Email ID when restarting it… tried to use the one I created this morning… It said already taken.

So registered zoki2.

Odd. Is there a way to access the old email ID?

Have sent you a test email.

Edit: ok… yea, shame on me. The right hand side of the “login” should flah in bold flahing light, open existing emailID/MailBox.
For some reason my brain thought I had to tap it in and use the create box.

THanks for the email kreck … really happy to receive it.




Quick and dirty… my lunch. safe://tastyblt.blt/

Edit: Another one… safe://wikipedia.safe

edit: You can actually search in the safe://wikipedia.safe site now, it will bring results up in a standard browser though.

from another topic. People follow data... bring data to SAFE early, pre-launch. Lets put Wikipedia out of its misery. ;)



email: ~josh


OMG, I feel like a gambler now :wink:


I created my new site at
The page
contains my Swedish text.
I tried to give the latter document a Unicode name - “Skogsmård.html”, but this didn’t work. Can this be fixed?


This illustrates the ability to use WebGL and programmable shaders that access the GPU. check it out:

I get a popup that says WebGL isn’t available. I don’t have any problems with WebGL in Chrome or Firefox.


I was just messing around… and it worked! :smiley:



i made a site that demos off a portion of the safe js api
plan to release topic with video explaining everything next week


Very nice demo, thank you


Only thing I was able to get from this site is “Invalid handle” errors.

upd. Browser restart fixed that problem.

upd2. GET attempt shows error:

D:\SAFE Browser\resources\app\node_modules\pauls-electron-rpc\lib\import-api.js:203 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Core error: Routing client error -> Requested entry not found
at onCbReply (D:\SAFE Browser\resources\app\node_modules\pauls-electron-rpc\lib\import-api.js:203:19)
at EventEmitter.onIPCMessage (D:\SAFE Browser\resources\app\node_modules\pauls-electron-rpc\lib\import-api.js:118:14)
at emitMany (events.js:127:13)
at EventEmitter.emit (events.js:201:7)

upd3. This site should be more fool-proof.

upd4. Deleted files are not deleted from the list, but just failing to show up with GET.