Test 10: SAFE Email and Public ID List

Test 10: SAFE Email and Public ID List


Add your SAFE Email and Public IDs to the list at the above link :slight_smile:

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How can you have a SAFE email without a SAFE network?

@Winegrower there is an alpha network currently running to show the technology works at a fundamental level (just visit maidsafe.net to download) and the current testnet, testnet 10, is an updated version that is for showing off the growing features to current/future developers of killer apps on the safe network. Testnet 10 now shows that, you can easily self publish a website with the Demo App, P2P encrypted Email is easily implemented, Appendable comment/blog is possible. These testnet will keep rolling out incrementally until we reach Beta! Then eventually a public release where by then hopefully there is a flourishing ecosystem of already developed applications available for folks to download with the official release of the safe network that the world will come to know. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


My email id is : postit

emails welcome anytime day or night :slight_smile:

Make sure to visit and post your email address @ safe://seil.betterthantrav

Thank you Nigel. I am very limited as to my tech knowledge and it’s been quite an adventure trying to grasp all the new concepts, unfamiliar terms, and navigation of the Maidsafe Network. I’ve downloaded the launcher and am in the process of getting BNKoftheFUTURE to accept US funds via wire transfer, an increasingly complicated issue thanks to the US government and banking system. I’d thought about purchasing Bitcoin to make the investment but even with an established wallet the complicated navigation led me back to calling my bank to do a wire transfer instead. Sorry off topic.
Back to the Email IDs. So will adding an email address help advance the Safe Network?


Short answer: The more the merrier, especially at this early stage.

Longer answer:

Only in that you can receive emails over the network, which IS operating on the core design of the final produce. If that helps you get the feel of the reality and potential of the network, and it’s something you enjoy doing, then the answer is yes.

This is all still quite geeky stuff that I stub my toes on and find it a bit frustrating at times, but it’s getting easier, more functionality, cleaner, etc. You see, I’m an old hippie with sci fi imagination but only '70s technological instincts. It’s really quite fun for me to jump through at least some of the hoops to participate, though I have to strain myself at times to do it.

Whatever participation and input you’re comfortable with helps a lot.

PS: If you add an email ID, I’ll email you at least. In fact, I’ll send you some of the bitcoin that @19eddyjohn75 sent me as the first hash cash to be transmitted on the SAFE Network. Not a lot of dough, but fun and an education not only on the SAFE Network, but on Bitcoin, as well. All useful skills for the coming age.


Could you please direct me to where the hash cash is explained? is it just sharing a priv key?

In this context, we’re basically referring to cryptocurrency in general.

@19eddyjohn75 sent me a SAFE email that contained the Private Key to a Bitcoin address. If he’d sent it in a nonsecure way, anyone would have been able to grab it. Of course, he still had the private key and in case something went wrong and I didn’t get it, he still had control. But I received the private key unhacked, loaded it in my bitcoin wallet and transferred the amount to an address that only I control.

As far as we know, that’s first time a SAFE Network instance has been used to transfer cryptocurrency, which is just data after all. A small thing, but significant to fanboys like us.

EDIT: Sorry if I over explained here. Don’t mean to be didactic.


I updated the page with a table that lists forum names, email id, and public id.

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After updating my index file my page will not update. I think I need to clear the cache in SAFE Beaker, but I can not figure out how to do this. :frowning:

Changed list address/link to safe://sepil.betterthantrav

What do you think about the following reasoning?

I am thinking that now most mail is sent by electronic means and that we could remove the “e” from email.

This would allow the SAFEnetwork to distinguish its mail service from the old insecure email system that people have used for around 30 years or more. Even encrypted email is stored on servers and just waiting for the ABC’s to crack/hach/social engineer there way into.

SAFE Mail is really a new product the likes of which the world has not seen. Not only is it encrypted end-to-end but the sender is verified before you even “open” the mail.

The only things (bar 1) that are the same between email and (SAFE) mail is what the mail APP makes the same. And the thing that is the same is information has been sent electronically from one account to another.

  • The addressing is different - sent directly to the recipient (no email servers)
  • There is no way for any 3rd party to EVEN know the mail was sent (at the moment even encrypted mail can be tracked)
  • The mail is encrypted end-to-end without user intervention or even needing to know it has been encrypted.
  • The sender is verified by the system with no user intervention required. Spoofing is eliminated although mistakes could be made with similar looking names, but once you tell your APP the name is OK then no more mistakes.
  • And so on.

It really is a different beast to the current email we now send/receive on the clear web and why not change for the future and refer to SAFE mail as “mail” and leave off the redundant “e” since 99% of mail is electronic and since the user is on a computer its pretty obviously electronic. The “e” was added in the early days when electronic mail represented less than 1% of the mail.


Wanting some mail…

safe://www.wes - default - it’s lame. Don’t bother

mail: wes – I want to feel special too! Hit me up.

Trying to mail you but Mail app and Launcher are giving me trouble atm

Taking out the redundant e, imho is a great idea, i think one day “safemail” will be a verb :slight_smile: will certainly differentiate it againts e-mail on clearweb.

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I am thinking long term that safenetwork will become like the Internet, the underlying structure that everything works over. To that end I was more thinking it simply becomes “Mail” in the long term removing the specialties it is the only mail system apart from manual mail delivered by the postman.

There will be a number of APPs and maybe they will differentiate themselves by adding services to “mail”. For instance there might be money-mail for sending crypto over mail.

Disclaimer: I have always thought it stupid the "i"this and that naming, also the “e” naming since its Oh lookie here something special when in fact they all want it to become the way we do things. People don’t care if its imail, email, xmail, safemail as long as they get their mail. To me “I” “e” are like shiny trinkets, trying to make everyday things look special.

Guess I am a bit old school in my thinking of these things since I grew up before the internet

Wow!! I hadn’t really looked specifically at the mail app that way, but you’re right. It highlights so much of what is so gripping about the SAFE Network concept once you get it. Your description rocked me on my heels, and I think it may other people as well. I had spotted that I was sent a private bitcoin key, but hadn’t really absorbed the gravity of that, even though I described it as unique.



You’ve hit the nail right on the head squarely. I’ve worried and had sleepless nights about storing digital currency. And to have the ability to SAFEly store it is a very big deal. That along with SAFE mail solves two very big concerns for an end user like me. Now all I have to do is find out where n the forum there are instructions for setting up the SAFE mail address or is it just @winegrower?

@Winegrower im not sure if special characters are currently allowed, such as @ symbol. So prolly just winegrower. I do have to throw this out as I’m not 100% if you’re aware to NOT store any crypto keys on these test or alpha networks as they are not permanent. Just test networks that are periodically wiped of all data and left behind for the future roll outs. I hope that doesn’t come off as insulting in any way, I just know you’re relatively new to the forum and prolly also the project. But in the future, after public release, this network will have wallets that will prolly be more secure and simple than an offline cold storage wallet :smile: