Tesla X looks set to beat the Model S

The top model S now does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and pulls 1.1Gs and if you look at the amount of energy the battery holds and stated range despite the BS claims of 95-98 empg its more like 130-137 empg. With the highest safety ratings ever. Its simply the best car in the world and really the best car ever made in pretty much every way.

But if you look at the new Model X you can tell right away from the views and initial impression that it will beat the S in appeal. Just look the roof from the inside. Outrageously good and great looking. And the ability to pull loads and keep good range. Likely even safer than the S.

And as I see this it occurs to me that the green economy can trounce the bs gross polluting oil/ng/coal economy the same way electrics beat cars based on that obsolete bs. Oil profit and continued oil consumption will kill us. Its poetic justice that the people behind the Bush regime face economic ruin, poverty and bankruptcy due to unstoppable inevitable technology.

Tesla will predictably do electric semi trucks (coated in panels) and do the same for fully electric trains and planes and ships. Electric ships make a ton of sense. Never be stranded again.