Tesla vehicles as the physical basis for new internet

We know ecclectic mesh IOT is coming. We know that. But it seems to me that autonomous cars must have a secure network to be safe. Id love to see SAFE in there cars with LiFi and soft radio mesh. Some of the glass roof cars will recharge while out in the sun, now that is not primary but such a great back up.

Tesla has said they will do low Earth orbit satilites but that is fine as an additional layer but should not be centra as space is subject to disruption in that band. That LEO net could connect the cars transoceanic.

While I am on Tesla cars let me note an infuriating article that tried to say gas cars would be better autonomous vehicles without citing it. No, no they wouldn’t. Teslas at least will have a radically lower cost of operation and much higher reliability and up time. Radically less for energy and nothing for maintenance and down time and much better performance. Gas cars would suck.


Sorry to respond to my own post but just want top provide some evidence for confidence in Tesla:

Tesla model S now best selling luxury car in Western Europe. Germany to have 100 new electric models by 2020, Germany investing 40 billion euros in electric cars. Head of German auto association sees 15-25% electrics by 2025 Per: http://www.teslarati.com/german-auto-industry-inspired-by-tesla/

And I saw another article showing that despite recent rhetoric about viable electric cars being years off ramping up hybrids and not giving up on hydrogen (“foolcells”) the head of Toyota, founder Toyoda’s grandson will personally head up Toyota’s internal electric car group along with 3 others from around the company. Let me put this in perspective. No way Toyota liked what Mercedes and BMW did with Lexus in the market and now its seeing Japan’s Panasonic do this to Merecedes and BMW through Tesla. Toyoda himself helped Tesla get its start.

This is an avalanche. I see 90% electrics by 2030. Tesla is ahead by the better part of a decade and in a decades time it stands to become the top maker, but I see it getting into trucks, planes, and trains, ships and drones. I see it as a logistics, communications, energy, space company.