Tesla on verge of million mile electric motors

Elon Musk said they are very close to electric motors that rate for a million miles, that the goal is to make motors that just never wear out. The batteries are already getting very cheap. A million miles will make it a strong competitor for the Mercedes 240D on reliability. But I think we already know its surpassed that mark in countless ways. Tesla has 97% of people saying their next care will be a Tesla. Also highest service ratings. Its the safest, fastest and most economical car and its about to be the most reliable. As far as speed there is no car on the planet that can manage speed the way it does, period. Their might be some at unobtainium prices that are slightly faster but they piss themselves and get all out of breath trying to do it. The Tesla does it without noise, fan fair or getting winded.


More proof the industrial age is behind us and the technological age is here. It can be a little scary at first to think about, but with tools like the SAFE network it makes me feel much more positive about the future.

I am saving $400+ a month with my solar panels and electric vehicle. Yes, the panels were a big investment up front but I am seeing a real return on a daily basis. It has been one of the most empowering things I have ever done.


Coal miners are celebrating :slight_smile:


  • you aren’t planning to pay off your share of the state and federal debt incurred to create these “savings”
  • you think taxes you’re paying aren’t part of the cost

$400/month is just what I was paying on average for gas and power…and now I do not. These are just two things that make me feel self empowered, but I know they aren’t the fix for everything. There is plenty of data to support solar/batteries are better for the environment, but I chose them because they empower the individual.

Whether the coal/oil price is $1 or $1000 it makes no difference to me. I don’t know what exactly you are referring to about taxes? I do not pay taxes on power or fuel, where I did before? I guess the sales tax paid for the vehicle (Didn’t pay a tax on the panels?), but also received a 7.5k tax rebate for the car and 20k in rebates for the solar panels. I will admit that I am torn about being financially rewarded by a government that does not have the money it is reimbursing for my purchases, but it has allowed someone like myself to achieve my goals. If you have a better way of doing it, I am all ears.

I’m sure the coal mine owners are still celebrating, but I’m not sure how me not using their product is the source? Either way the OP was about how tech. coming out is empowering the individual to do a lot more with a lot less…and use a lot less resources in doing so. You should note why the article I posted says 10 million lost jobs (I think coal miner jobs will be included) and also view Tesla’s discussion on how little is actually needed to power the entire US with solar energy.

I have have seen glimpses of what the future holds for battery potential. I personally contributed to this crowd fund and now have an amazing super-capacitor speaker box that will play Bluetooth stream full blast for hours on end and when I finally do need to charge it…it only takes me 5 minutes or less to fully charge it again (Power from the sun, not coal) and I will be able to recharge 500,000 times before it will stop working.


The increase in sales of battery powered cars increases demand for coal.

The $27.5K are now at least partially new government debt which will never be returned so it doesn’t appear to cost anything.
But just the interest - were it not for the Fed that steals from savers - on that amount should be around $100/month (27.5K @5%). The fact that it costs maybe $60 in interest per month doesn’t mean it’s a good deal for the economy - the other $40 are simply stolen from savers (including bonds in your 401k or savings account).
Tesla loses about $4K per car (not paid by you, but a loss to overall economy because buyers aren’t willing to pay the full cost their products), and also the state government in Nevada will have to collect taxes unpaid by Tesla from other taxpayers or by issuing new debt).

You do save on electricity compared to gasoline because you run on the cheaper and slightly dirtier fuel (coal, oil).

Long story short, if electric cars were cheaper subsidies would not be necessary. It is understandable that all those who are making money in this process of statist redistribution (the Green Robber Baron, Tesla buyers, various EPA bureaucrats who otherwise wouldn’t have a job) feel good about this particular program (while at the same time complaining about similar programs for things they don’t use).