Tesla Model S number one selling US luxury car

This is a pretty good article but they don’t get right the number of cars Tesla sold globally. It sold 50000 globally. Oil is going to be dead largely because of Tesla!


Coal is doing better thanks to Tesla :slight_smile:

What a sick joke that company is.

It the future! The lovely future.

For people who say Tesla is crap or that its a joke let them note its sales were up 58% this year and every other luxury make in this most profitable segmenr of cars was down 5-20% because Tesla kicked their asses and took it out of their hides. This is because electric cars are the best highesr performing cars there are and petro cars are now just obsolete low performing failed unintentional experiments in Geo engineering.

If Musk was able to run for US President he would win totally. People like Trump are not credible by comparison. Look at his impact on space travel.

Romney is a petro loser.

It is disingenuous to boast about the growing sales of a thieving manufacturer.
It’s like selling gasoline at subsidized prices and then proclaiming how successful you are.