Tesla Model 3 will more than pay for itself with gas and maintenance savings

I think you will save at least 43000 on the gas alone and when you add tax and pay for one battery replacement over 216000 miles over 15 years you will come to zero cost. You will only have put 1/5 of the miles the car’s motor is rated for on the car. Its should still have retail value. Compared to an ICE car there will be almost no maintenance cost. But the savings go way beyond these think of all the wasted time and exposure at the gas station and repair shop you won’t have to put up with either. That is probably a week of waking days that won’t be spent at the gas station and repair shop over that period.

The cost savings mean every Tesla 3 comes straight out of the hide and is paid for out of revenue of the oil, gas and coal industry. Nothing could be better. Its about time they started giving us free transportation. The damage they’ve done to democracy and the planet and the risk they put us at especially since the EV1 means they owe it back to use with interest.

Thankfully rather than creating jobs for the useless bureaucrats who dispense rules and funds to Tesla users, a nice low maintenance car can still be bought in the US. In fact it’s zero maintenance as anyone willing to learn can fix it
One can’t do this in the EU, sheeple in that sinkhole has lost the war.

And by the way, let’s note how Warren has complained about Microsoft’s privacy violations. Unless you’re willing to ID yourself to TSLA, you can’t even get firmware updates for your car. Maybe you can learn to write your own car firmware, I suppose that constitutes a valid workaround.