Tesla Model 3 preorders show combustion engine is obsolete

More than anything the Model 3 shows the combustion engine’s more than 100 year life is over.


If the USA had 10 per cent more petrol cars by 2020, air pollution would claim 870 more lives. A similar increase in electric ones would cause 1,617 more deaths a year, mostly because of the coal burned.
If we were to scale this to the UK, electric cars would cause the same or more air pollution-related deaths than petrol-powered cars.
In China, because their coal power plants are so dirty, electric cars make local air much worse: in Shanghai, pollution from more electric-powered cars would be nearly three-times as deadly as more petrol-powered ones.

Sometimes revolution requires some sacrifices along the way…
Economic fascism at its worst. (I almost incorrectly referred to this as crony capitalism; that would have been correct except that this is subsidized by the government, so it isn’t even capitalism).

But everbody knows it just a not so big cost shift battery and roof top solar that destroys those silly coal claimes.