Tesla does not have to be profitable ever

The best and most agressive way to run a serious company is to make sure there are never any investor rewards except the relation with book value driving stock price. All the money should go into lowering the cost of product while increasing its quality. Raise wages, do anything but never ever provide a dividend. Buy back all the stock, delist the firm and issue it all to employees but none for management or execs. The important thing is max value for customers and society and worker stake holders while screwing Wall St any way possible.

Id anyone says there is a legal obligation to make a profit- correction, there is not, there is only the obligation to not evade taxes by hiding profit.

You got the point about the need to increase the quality - that subsidized piece of socialist garbage is clearly not roadworthy!

But at least it has the potential to save the earth, when it locks the owner and prevent him to going about his or her business. No other car saves more energy!

This is all sponsored BS or sabotage- Musk has been cleaning house. A company that could push the Japanese and Germans out of the US Luxury Car market in 2 years and do the most successful product launch in history has already demonstrated its metal. And if its all conspiratorial crap why are the Germans and the Japanese now coming around to the need to go full electric. Why is the Saudi Arabia divesting all of its oil.

Its looking like the contents of those 28 pages may divulge and then Saudi Arabia and others will be in the cross hairs for the 911-2008 austerity-Panama scam. Saudis are threatening to dump 758 billion of US T bills if suits over 911 are allowed, but it wouldn’t just be suits and the house cleaning might not be limited to Saudi Arabia. What would happen to oi and oil producers after that war path happens what will happen to the Bushes and the Kochs, they too will get run over by this for complicity. The natural gas plan was hatched before 911.

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