Tesla Destroys GM with Model 3

I found this in the early comments on Verge right after the intro:

You can’t say that the Chevy Bolt will be its biggest competition. The Model 3 already has 115,000 reservations in less than one day and that exceeds the maximum number of Bolts that GM said they would build. They are targeting 30,000. Tesla sold that in a few hours, sight unseen.”


@Warren You might find this documentary interesting and enlightening

Did you know around 100 years ago there was more electric cars than fuel cars

In the seventies some of us as young engineers were (as a hobby) designing our own electric guts to convert a car to electric. Regenerative braking was just part of the deal. We were more worried about ensuring the blinkers turned off within the legally required time. The engine and controls was the EASY part.


I didn’t know there were more but I knew there were electrics. Now the news media (wired) is giving Tesla the foolish advice that it must make a profit. Wrong! It can and should follow the path of Amazon and it should never ever do a dividend like Apple under Jobs. All of its money should go into development and growth.

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The EV1 was pretty awesome and they intentionally killed it. The GM sleeze who say an making an automobile is not an efficient use of capital, and blame their worker’s pay when they go bankrupt and scuttled an electric and only offer stuff generally made only to be a good effort and build on the basis of planned depreciation- no! They are responsible for what happened to Detroit with it water and its fascist financial controllers. Its a psychopathic firm in too many ways.