Terrorist in Chief?

Hillarious, I heard a mainstream anchor yesterday correct Trump saying that he had falsely accused an attacker in Manilla of being a terrorist and then went further saying the the claimed terrorist was a white guy with a Brit accent. Sound familiar? Guys under the hoods with the knives have names like John and Cambridge accents. And now Brit and US intel are not cooperating. And of course Trump is petitioning the US SC to allow a travel ban to help up his terroristic rhetoric. Now even Republicans are talking impeachment. Maybe even the enemy of the people GOP can see its days are numbered with him. Hillary had contempt for the people, GOP righteously and actively seeks to punish and enslave the people.

Want to solve most of the US problems? Allow no policy that would increase corporate profits, as those only come out of the hides of everyday people. Profit is the problem at this point as its beyond broke and has almost no correlation with real contribution.

Nice post on professional shills: