Telstra & Optus (Australia's largest Telcos and ISPs) Blocks 4chan, 8chan, Liveleak

This is pretty infuriating.

So they will block the chans and liveleak but they won’t ban Facebook the very site that live streamed the disaster…this is the very definition of a double standard.

The amounts of violence and adult content able to be viewed on sites such as YouTube, Google, Facebook is astounding and yet these ISP’s block some of the smaller players just adds to reasons for people to switch to SAFE so I suppose in a way there is a silver lining to all this. Hopefully.

In fact I was having this very conversation with my older brother last night because he uses LiveLeak regularly.

Because the smaller player will not sue.

The government has been doing this in their budget by reducing public expenditure in areas where the people affected are not capable of mounting an effective complaint. Thats why the rich are looked after.

Good thing that I followed the government’s own advice and using software to protect my identity while online (ie VPN). And as an added benefit my identity and privacy is protected from their surveillance too.

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