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I’ve followed this thread with interest not only because of the intensity of the debate but particularly because the problems confronted by OpenBazaar using the MaidSafe platform would appear to have similarities to problems that will need to be resolved by my project-TelelinkGlobal. Hereunder is a brief description of the TelelinkGlobal project and I’d really appreciate the forum advice on the several dilemmas that I need to resolve.
TelelinkGlobal has been 7 years in the making; it’s a conception for an interdependent closed facility for Commerce, Communication and Currency with a market place for account holders to swap fiat currencies, crypto currencies, allocated gold and TelelinkGlobal negotiable trade credits (NTC). The NTC is to be backed by all account holders in accordance with their mutual Agreement and further supported by the value of allocated gold held in trust for them. The concept of holding allocated gold bullion is not intended as backing to the TelelinkGlobal currency, but as a reserve asset to balance and hedge the risks of depreciation of the currency due to imbalances caused in the process of creation and redemption of the currency through the buying and selling commodities, goods and services. External exchanges of NTCs cannot exist. I’m presently discussing my project with an international university with the view to our forming a commercial partnership of my family interests, the university and its students who contribute to the project implementation; it could easily develop into a MaidSafe pod and more. The TelelinkGlobal conception is a grand plan capable of rapid scaling to critical mass in all nations providing services to individuals, corporations and some aspects of government, irrespective as to their nationality, religion, race or political outlook. Its Object is also to empower the other half of the world that is presently socially and commercially excluded. It is intended to provide a facility for every class of trade in real commodities, goods and services including specialist platforms for such but not for gambling, speculation in currencies, commodities, derivatives or instruments for war. MaidSafe is a highly desirable platform for TelelinkGlobal and I most certainly have no objection to network and computing charges calculated in whatever manner you decide and denominated in SafeCoin but I’m pretty sure TelelinkGlobal merchants/account holders would consider it ‘too much of a stretch of the imagination’ to price their commodities, goods and services in SafeCoin, a currency that is underpinned by the cost of providing network and computing facilities. It’s too lightweight as a currency for local and global trade, a store of value or for use as a global accounting standard, even though it may be successfully argued that SafeCoin has a stronger backing than the incumbent owner of the “exorbitant privilege”, SafeCoin most certainly would not be accepted as a Reserve Currency.
The broad philosophy of TelelinkGlobal is open source but the actual licence documentation is presently undecided. Suffice to say TelelinkGlobal will need to interact with merchants and their nominated financial service providers who will be using all manner of software from open, proprietary and everything else in between.
Mainstream buyers and sellers need to know with whom they’re proposing to deal, their track record and more, so herein we have a further problem to resolve, that of anonymity. So in summary we need to find ways by which TelelinkGlobal can add a great number of nodes to MaidSafe, protect the MaidSafe infrastructure, avoid having to force our account holders to change their online presence and accept that SafeCoin has limitations that restrict its use to measuring computing services, bandwidth etc…

LICENSING: Are you dead set on GPL3?

This OpenBazzaar issue has forced me to research licensing rather than leave it to an outside legal source. I’m grateful, and happy to say that I’m now comfortable with the GPL3 license for TelelinkGlobal and if along the way there is a need to consider multi-licensing for a particular application, then we can discuss it at that time. TelelinkGlobal has no intention or desire to incorporate proprietary stuff from Apple or any other source.