Telegram plans multi-billion dollar ICO for chat cryptocurrency


Just seen this and tried to post the same link.

I think this is huge news. If they pull this off mainstream adoption is definitely here.

Whatever next? Facebook ICO? Twitter ICO?

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The Telegram founder will need to stay out of Putin’s clutches. :slight_smile: They grabbed his last company VK and forced him out, I can see them showing up in a battleship in the Virgin Islands to do round two… the Cryptoruble on its way they say… I am ok if they fix the cryptoruble count and like the bottom end of the valuation to their gold reserves, which would be unlike every other govt regime printing money like it’s daily gossip newspapers, China may also follow


Billion dollar ICO?

Sounds like the absolute worst investment for anyone to make then.

Where’s the post-sale growth potential? Only negative will be possible after that much :rage:

Also no guarantee their coin will work well in the real world. I haven’t seen any tests at all

Kinda misses the whole point

The value is in the apps/users/tokens, Putin will just look like a virgin, showing up in a battleship in the Virgin Islands. Cryptoruble can show what it’s worth on an exchange (funny enough no one will care about a centrally controlled token, if they got the technology & choice to use whatever they want too).

Billion dollar ICO, got them on techcrunch and

Telegram is a well-established messaging platform used around the world.

Would you invest in an ico that sell all their tokens or one that keeps 52% to have a long run way? Scary enough people wouldn’t even invest your own token in you, if your project ran out of money, they would just sell it.

It’s also important to understand this

Adopting a homegrown cryptocurrency could give Telegram’s payment system enormous independence from any government or bank

In the cryptospace governance is smartcontracts and token creators are the new decentralized banks.

If I ico my token for $1 per token and I hold 52% after that, I can sell my remaining tokens for even $100 each and the market will automatically adjust in the range of my price.

Come on guys. You have to forget about whether this will be a good investment opportunity or not and admit that this is very big news due to the fact Telegram already have mainstream adoption.

It probably will be a good investment to get in on anyway, just due to the amount of crazy hype we will see around it.


yes emotion will rule the day and Telegram will be a big success in this space if only because most everyone with a few brain waves hates the FB stable of Apps and distrusts MS and Google’s omnipresent oligopoly and are looking for something secure out there that protects their privacy from prying govt regimes.

What’s the relationship that could have with Safe iyo?

port the Telegram App to Peruse first ?

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The company is planning to develop the building blocks for a decentralized internet that could eventually power decentralized apps (known as DApps), smart contacts, censorship-proof websites and more.

The pitch includes four components, as we previously reported:

Distributed file storage akin to services like Dropcoin and ICO company Filecoin
A proxy service for creating decentralized VPN services and TOR-like secure browsing environments based on the blockchain
Services for decentralized apps, smart contracts and decentralized web browsing experiences
Payments for micropayments and peer-to-peer transactions

Putting these components together could allow Telegram to be the base for a new range of decentralized apps and services based on the blockchain. It could turn Telegram from a messaging app into a platform that hosts internet-based content which could, in theory, operate micro-paywalls that let users unlock news or subscriptions for small amounts of crypto payment, while there’s also the potential to become a major payment hub.

TON will provide the backbone for new kinds of internet services while also allowing existing social networks and messaging apps to join in, too.

TON Storage is a distributed file-storage technology, accessible through the TON P2P
Network and available for storing arbitrary files, with torrent-like access technology and
smart contracts used to enforce availability. This component not only enables storage services
akin to a distributed Dropbox, but also paves the way for more complex decentralized apps that
require storing large amounts of data, such as Youtube — or Telegram.