Telegram group!

That escalated quickly :joy:


Wtf - you’re right - that explains why I didn’t get to reply to your message that people should know about withdrawal fees (especially when it comes to hitbtc)

… I always Was a bit uncertain how comfortable I’m with the actions of the bots but with the actions against another community member and you I’m pretty certain that the bots are way too strict and the aggressiveness with which they ban users does more harm than benefit to the project @zero-ghost @Dimitar @SalvorinFex @frabrunelle

I don’t think this is the openness and ‘access for everyone’ we want to bring to the world

Until he shows off his guitar skills I’m with the bots!

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There were other community members banned as well who answered to Jim’s message…

(at least 4 unfounded bans of valuable community members within a couple of days @frabrunelle… Seriously… We need to get rid of those bots…)

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To be honest, I don’t see the point of a space on Telegram or any other platform besides this forum. Keeping up with what’s happening here is hard enough, and at least here we can control the banning.

People are different. People look for information in different channels. It is important to be present everywhere, this gives a strong social signal and makes it easier for new people to join our community.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Being present, as in having links to the main source of information (this forum) in lots of places is good. Other than that, I think trying to be everywhere at once is just lack of focus.

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I think having an open telegram group is a good thing, as we are not big enough or important enough (yet) to force every potentially interested person into a forum that requires registration, etc. Many people following the crypto space subscribe to many telegram groups - so it’s more convenient for them to have everything in once place - even if the quality of the the content will not be as good as here on the forum. A Telegram group also provides a small sign that the project is living / breathing.