Telegram group!


I’ve created a telegram for the Safe network community i feel this is needed. Feel free to join!

Would be nice if a few developers of the SAFE network join as well :slight_smile:


Is telegram secure now?


I’m pretty sure, it’s pretty good now a lot of altcoins started using telegram.


Gonna! 20… 19 char


I’d say it’s probably secure enough for most use cases. Are you asking this because they did the silly thing of “rolling their own” crypto?


Some people don’t want to give telegram their mobile phone number, so while others may not see your number, telegram can and all the perceived problems of data collection that could come with that.


Yeah, I am a purist.
If they cut corners in one place, I can’t help but wonder what will they cut next.

I recommend simply using Zom or Conversations (XMPP + OMEMO)


I think it’s a good idea to create this Telegram group :thumbsup:

We already use Matrix / Riot / Slack / IRC (as explained in this topic), but I know that many people (especially in the crypto community) prefer to use Telegram.

There is a bridge between Telegram and Matrix that is currently in development. It would be awesome to add a bridge between this Telegram channel and the channel once the Telegram/Matrix bridge is officially supported by Riot :smiley:


Great, finally I found the telegram group!


There are already 418 members in the telegram group. Many new enquiry about the project and we always redirect them back to this forum. It’ll be great if some senior members here can join too to tackle the tricky questions. :smile:


Finally found the Telegram Group :slight_smile:


Do we have anything like this for Devs?

Posted some ideas here:


Hello sorry for asking this question. but I got no answer from telegram support.
2 mounts ago my number banned and my account deleted
I had a channel on that account and I can’t manage it anymore :frowning:
I created another account.
is it possible to manage that channel again??:frowning:
thank you guys


I think you are confusing this Community for the actual Telegram community forum.
You are on the SAFE Network Forums and this is just a thread called “Telegram Group”
The people here can’t help you regain control of your Telegram channel, you should contact Telegram directly.


How does Telegram make their money?
If they don’t make money advertising, or make money through charging for the app, how do they make money?
Buy selling phone numbers?
Why do I need to give my phone number to use Telegram?


I thought it was cos it (seems to me) used primarily on phones. I had on my phone for a long while before I installed the Desktop client. Rarely use it these days, there are simply too many comms channels and far too easy to miss a message