Telcos' lawsuit against net neutrality

The public needs to find a way to sue the industy to reduce its profit.

The public can kiss their behind. The companies and the governments are one. If the telcos by some chance get sued, they’d ensure the government enacts some sort of telco infra stimulus to make it up for them.

I am not at all troubled by this situation because Internet access-wise I happen to be doing well but what makes this debate really enjoyable is that the socialist party has proven to be just as bad as the war party. Latest on the Obama puppet administration and a piece of news on the “new” socialist candidate who will solve everything:

Aside from the fact it is persistently one of the biggest lobbyists in DC, there has also been: the last-minute change made to net neutrality rules solely because of a letter received from Google; the unusual dropping of anti-trust investigations into the search giant; the curious “non prosecution agreement” it reached with the FBI over drug ads; and the fact that a review of logs showed that Google execs meet with White House officials on average once a week.

In the latest release of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server – ostensibly over the sacking of the US embassy in Benghazi – it’s clear that Google also has its fingers in the US government’s foreign policy department.


I absolutely love the non-prosecution agreement… Can you spell “fascism”?