Techradar article featuring Nick Lambert

Interview with Nick Lambert

Very interesting. It does mention an alpha being a couple of months away though. I thought it was a few weeks?

Anyhow. Great to see :slightly_smiling:

Can’t wait for actual release


Thanks for posting @fing3rblist3r5!

You’re right about @ross saying that it depends on which core developer you ask it:

We are very close to delivering the MVP and depending on which core developer you speak to, this can be measured in either days or weeks.

I can also understand that when you’re being interviewed by such a big website it’s probably better to say months instead of weeks (we never know what happens during the ‘last weeks’ of developing the network of course).


Thanks for posting the link @fing3rblist3r5, the interview was a few weeks back, we’re still working toward an MVP in Feb as per the blog post and dev updates.


SAFE will be an Aquarius


It would be fitting as we’re nearing (depending on source material) the aquarian age. Many of the qualities associated with it SAFE embodies. How oddly coincidental that would be? Only time will tell…:smirk:


nick, you seem to be using the following phrase a lot “We’re doing a similar thing for data that Bitcoin is doing for trade”.
You should immediately after that clarify that such comparison is not technical as the SAFE Network is not based on blockchains.

Every time you compare it with bitcoins, for an uninformed layman immediately thinks that SafeNet is just another altcoin from bitcoin.

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I did qualify it by stating that the similarity is that both remove intermediaries, but I’ll be more explicit next time to avoid any confusion. Thanks.


That is nothing to be concerned about.
An uninformed layman will always reach a wrong conclusion.

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I also think the following advise given by @JPL was a good one. [quote=“JPL, post:9, topic:6422”]
By the way, if I were SAFE I would ride the blockchain bandwagon for all it’s worth while it’s still rolling, even if it’s to set yourself up as an alternative!


The uninformed layman must be the target demography, without them we will never reach critical mass, and we need it if we want the network to succeed.


If the network turns out to be useful, they’ll come before you say fiat.
The slower they are the better for those who want to load up on SAFE before the less capable “discover” it.

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The network needs to reach a critical mass – at least a thousand users – before it becomes quick enough for online gaming.

I’m not overly concerned about reaching critical mass for gaming purposes and considering the large participation of the crowdsale, my gut is that we’ll have at least a thousand users within the cryptocurrency community alone very quickly.

However, in the early days, the SAFE Network will be vulnerable because it will be at its smallest – like BitCoin in its early days. “We need to ensure there’s as much computing power behind the network as possible,” says Lambert. “We may have to add computing power ourselves at first.”

This is what I worry about. What is the critical mass amount to pass this vulnerability point? Is this something we can achieve without the layman? Is it also 1,000 (we can do that :grinning:) or 10,000 (how are we gonna do that :worried:)? Maybe we could take a survey or pledge within the community to get a good idea of how many people plan to farm from the beginning. Thoughts anyone?

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Count me and my 1 Tb drive in lol


I’m not overly concerned about reaching critical mass for gaming purposes

I would be. From what I gather the Safe Network would be awesome for online gaming. Servers are always going down/ games lag/ etc when volume spikes.

I have two laptops that I can dedicate immediately to safenetwork. I will also be asking all of my friends and family to give it a go as soon as alpha is out. If we all do that then I’m sure we’ll be surprised at how big it gets in a few weeks.


I’m actually surprised that “critical mass” is only a 1000 computers. I think we’ll easily exceed that very very quickly. The waiting though…arghhhhhhhhhhhh the waiting.


Thanks @stonesfever and @Jabba. 1TB is what I can contribute immediately and I talk about Maidsafe to anyone who will listen. I’m just waiting for the fliers to come out so that I can start passing them out.

@fing3rblist3r5 I know gaming is huge. My minecraft loving nephews a gonna love playing on Maidsafe. I’m just more concerned about what the critical mass amount is for us to pass our vulnerability point. Somehow I feel like it’s probably much higher then 1,000. This was not clear to me after reading the article. It’s hard to read that we are vulnerable and not know where.

SAFE Network will be vulnerable because it will be at its smallest – like BitCoin in its early days.

Some people still consider Bitcoin small and in it’s early days. Some people could argue that Bitcoin is still very much vulnerable to a 51% attack even more so today then when it first started. I’m hoping the vulnerability timeline will be much much shorter with Maidsafe.


I agree … probably Way higher …
… roughly 1000 people read the dev updates … let’s say the average person here has at least 2-3(-5) pcs he want to run the safe client on … if you have a quad or eight-core even maybe 4 or 8 vaults … and probably most people here know other people … I think 10 000 nodes could be possible in the early days :flushed: … if the safe network works fine :wink: …from there let’s hope the network grows fast enough …

EDIT: ok - I forgot … traders probably read the dev updates too and might not plan on participating :smiley: so … let’s hope for the best and be surprised in case it happens :jack_o_lantern: :tada:

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Actually, I think a lot of traders would value something like safenetwork. When speculation spikes at beta/mvp there will be a surge of interest and the traders will be the epicenter of that first wave… I’d expect a lot of the people on polo and kraken to start talking about and using safenetwork, especially once alpha is launched. I’d imagine a lot of them will actually use the network to assess what they think of its potential value.

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We can come to a rough estimate if we calculate these factors.

Minimum cost of node participation in the network (i.e. machine and safecoin)

International per agency collusion probability based on relationships.

Total per agency cyber-warfare budgets (i.e. local police, FBI, CIA, NSA, and other cooperative international equivalents).

Probability of each agency devoting cyber-warfare funds for this purpose (consider these agencies first go for low hanging fruit as a means of providing regular results to their sponsors).

Percentage of budget that might be allocated to SAFE network subversion for each agency.

Injection costs and total Yearly operating costs.

Total international cooperative strength (node count).

There’s a lot of variables to cover here. Even if my math skills were great there would still be a large sliding margin. Honestly, anything below a million nodes will leave the high profile very vulnerable.

Solution = move fast. After the test-net (in which nobody should be sharing stupid shit), approaching the greater public is ridiculously important to avoid having SAFEs’ name being tarnished.

There are about 3 million Tor users. They share the same values and are at least competent enough to use anonymity software. These people should even (now before test-net) be our first targets (allowing them a chance to study the protocol prior to launch).

I wouldn’t hesitate to share maid coin with some of them to ease the future transition.

Humanitarian groups should come right after test-net. An MVP becomes increasingly important as we storm the layman.

A thread devoted to crafting a strategy should IMO be started by someone with great organizational skillz. @whiteoutmashups @dyamanaka @happybeing @polpolrene ? :wink:

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