Technology & Choice #10, Value Choice



We bring in SAFE Network topics, but it’s about a lot more. Enjoy.


hi, thanks for a great show,

i’m in the process of importing an immunomodulator (Beta 1-3D Glucan) from
North Carolina, to Scotland , for my family and some friends who i;ve introduced
it’s benefits to.

We were exploring how to accept crypto currency, and how to implement in local direct marketing (perhaps) ,
but i’m getting a bit lost with the rising bitcoin, falling pound, dollar going up etc.

wonder if i could use bitdollar, .


Here is your bitdollar

Thanks for another good one, if possible could you maybe also make one about datachains?



Good idea, but probably wait a bit, till further implementation is done.


BitUSD on the BitShares platform is a good solution. It lacks liquidity at the moment, but is you examine the chart it’s got good price-peg stability against the dollar.

Tether may also serve in as different markets are built out.

The pieces are all there, pretty much. What is lacking is network effect and user understanding about what’s possible and how to (easier UI, etc.).

Feel free to private message me.


Yea we crypto enthusiasts sometimes forget not everyone likes to be a speculator and most want the numbers to stay more constant and for better or worse the USD is a well recognized point of reference as we try to communicate value.

I will be doing a video that shows how I can spend my bitUSD (Bitshares) at a merchant that only accepts visa-usd. In the mean time here is an interesting video of how easy it is getting to express value across borders: