Tech Conference suggestions thread

Hey everyone,

as you know I am working on spreading the word of SAFE over the next couple of month – with a particular focus of getting more (app) developers in to build awesome apps with and on top of SAFE. For that we are compiling lists of potential conferences we should attend or to speak at.

Even if we won’t be able to make all (time-, money- and all the other concerns, you know ;)), I’d love to know about any suggestions you might have. Preferably the ones with an open CFP, posted with a link, time and place, if public already.

Just post them right here!

Or if you know of any other way of getting a speaker slot, that you can’t discuss publicly, you can also tell me in a PM!

Of course, we’ll keep you posted on the events we will be attending and the things we are planning to do there in separate threads. Like, I’m planning on going to 33c3 and was wondering if anyone would be interested in organising an assembly with me.


Maybe FOSDEM in Belgium, next year on 4 and 5 February?


Right on que! I was just saying that attracting Devs was the priority in terms of publicity and here you are getting on with it. Great to hear and good luck.

I hope everyone will think about ways to do this themselves as well as help out with these conferences.

I think the timing is right to get developers interested, and I think this is very effective use of resources because each new developer who gets something working will show their achievement around and spread the word further. Nice and viral!

It also means we will have more things ready to go when we want to shout loudly and get end users trying things out, show it off to journalists and make a big noise about it all. :slight_smile:


What about a ted talk? These seem to get a high volume of watchers and would be a great way to spread the message. SAFE NETWORK would be a great topic.


It’s not a TED talk, but I’m slotted to be in studio with Ernie Hancock for an hour Tues morning, with attracting and interesting devs as a key purpose. Not the most technical show, so who knows how many I might reach, but there we go.


Women who code - Events

Who We Are
Women Who Code (WWCode) is global non-profit with a set of programs for engineers to help build the careers we want. We work to support this generation in being and becoming leaders and role models in the tech industry.

WWCode Matters to Women.
Software development is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the world economy and it is projected to grow by 23%. These careers pay well with a median income that is 42% higher than other jobs.

WWCode Matters to the Tech Industry.
Diverse teams perform better by increasing collective intelligence and companies with the highest representation of women leadership have seen a 34% higher ROI than those with few or no women.

WWCode Matters to the World.
When women make more, they reinvest 90% of their income back into their families and communities, thus creating a virtuous cycle or multiplier effect for supporting women to earn more overall.


I have more but here’s a start. These are all in London:

chainconf at Skills Matter 5/6 December 2016

Blockchain meetup @ Digital Catapult 27 October 2016 Blockchain Meet Up Registration, Thu 27 Oct 2016 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

Hacks & Hackers meetup programmers, journalists, startups - seen many privacy respecting decentralised tech presented and hundreds attend each time @ Twitter LDN HQ Hacks/Hackers London Events | Eventbrite

AppsWorld 19/20 October 2016 - Annual Conference

Wearable Technology Show 7-8 March 2017

London Technology Week 12-16 June 2017 - hundreds of break-out events -

EDIT: more shiny things
Serverless Conf -
Computing Summit (link to cloud & infrastructure but it’s half dozen or so interlinked massive events)


Maybe keep an eye on

It’s not for developers per se, more about alternatives to the current financial system. I’ve been there the past two years when it was a full day on Saturday. They’ve had speakers like Rick Valkvinge, Max Keiser, Simon Dixon, Andreas Antanopoulos and Jim Rickards. Subjects vary and they even had some guy talk about Liberland (I think it’s what it was called). Lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts there, but I think it’s more people with a financial background / interest than developers per se. Would still be a good opportunity to spread the word and perhaps peak the interest of some people.

This year they are doing a light variant, but perhaps in 2017 they will do the full day again. Assuming by then (probably September / October) we will have (test)Safecoin about it may be a good fit.


Another suggestion, came across JSConf, “the labour-of-love conference for the JS community” …

European? Spring 2017 announced and an ASIA version next month 25+26 NOV 2016 in Singapore.

Looking at earlier ones, 2015 and 2014, attendants and speakers seem like developers you want to involve - hate to use it: “a creative bunch” ;o)


Really love this idea. I think MAID could be a pretty amazing TED talk. Maybe a bit of work, but if you pull it off it could attract a Lot of attention – among general public, but also within developer community I imagine.