Team News at MaidSafe

We have some structural changes to announce within the Company. We’re sad to announce the upcoming departures of both @nicklambert and @pierrechevalier83 from the team. Both have contributed immeasurably during their time with the company (7.5 years and 15 months respectively) and we wish them all the very best for the future. Pierre will be working until the 5th of July and Nick will be working until the 30th of August.

The community will understandably want to understand the reasons here. So the facts are as follows. As we all know, we recently announced the resignation of our CTO, @Viv. This change meant @dirvine (our CEO) took up the role as interim CTO. As @dirvine focused closely on the upcoming Fleming launch, it was determined that a change of track (which included creating a project management team and plan to beta) could speed up the progress. The impact of this meant the scope of Fleming would very likely change. You will have seen the results of this revised approach in the recent publication of the Roadmap and Github project boards amongst other things.

With a revised approach, there are always different views. And of course which one is optimal can only be judged in retrospect when we can see the results that it produced. In this case, after lengthy discussions about the best route forwards, Pierre and Nick have made the decision to move on although the guys still very much support the SAFE vision.

It’s an unfortunate transition but it’s also worth addressing head on. The company has supported the decisions made by the guys to move on and as we always say, the success of this project will ultimately come down to the fact that heavy shifts have been carried out by many people over a very long period of time. We’re creating an infrastructure to change the world. And like any creative pursuit, at times there will be artistic differences. We will always be incredibly transparent around these things and this is, alas, one of these occasions.

However, there’s more news to share. Before Nick’s resignation, David had approached @dugcampbell and @nadia to strengthen the Board. The reasons here were to ensure that Marketing had a direct link to the Executive and also to cement the crucial project management role into a Project Director position. With Nick’s resignation, there was a gap in the Exec team so Dug with his years of experience of law, fundraising, crypto presentations, running meetups and relationship-building in general was proposed as a replacement COO in order to ensure that there is a smooth transition in the role. And we’re happy to say that this proposal was warmly accepted by the Board.

So what does this mean for MaidSafe and the SAFE Network? Any realignment in direction often brings with it an element of discomfort because we’re all human. However, everyone remains on good terms and, crucially, everyone - past or present - with this project is desperately keen to see SAFE launch and be successful. So while it will be sad to see the guys go over the next weeks/months, we hope that everyone will join us in wishing them well in whatever they decide to move on to.

We’re heading into an extremely exciting period - with a combination of deliverables planned and definition of the path forwards that we believe is as clear as it has ever been - and we remain as committed as ever to getting SAFE out and into the wild. So - as ever - we’d like to thank you all once again for your support. When it comes, success for the SAFE Network will be down to the Team. And the Team has always been - and will always be - far more than simply those of us within MaidSafe.



@nicklambert and @pierrechevalier83.


Wow Viv, Nick and Pierre that’s some serious experience lost in a short period.
I’ve left companies because I did not agree with change in direction so I get it.
But that is a high level of disagreement, surely at this stage of the game they must really feel the changes are detrimental to the timeline?
But from what we are told it is all done to speed launch up.
Time will tell, no pun intended.


@nicklambert and @pierrechevalier83 very sad that you are leaving. You will always be part of the community. You have my respect.


Congratulations on the promotion @dugcampbell @Nadia


@nicklambert man, I will legit miss you. You have been at this for so long and I always thought it’d still be the same crew setting off to launch. If there was ever a better time to leave it probably is now though given the immense progress and clearer path forward. I wish you well and hope to see you around, also @Viv as well.

@pierrechevalier83 you really brought us something no one else could have. Much like Andreas Fackler you came in and helped solve some of SAFE’s biggest R&D problems. Your friendliness and openness in responding on the forum tells me you’re a real great guy as well, sad to see you go. But! I hope you can still pop in and see us again much like Andreas has done.

Take care fellas.

I am happy to see such competent folks taking in the new rolls @dugcampbell @Nadia. I’ve really noticed @Nadia has brought an organization to such a huge project that was definitely missing before and Dug is a helluva speaker and charismatic guy, so I think we’re still in good hands. This one and @Viv hit me like a ton of bricks.


Very sad to see two experienced core members in Nick and Pierre going. I wish them both well in whatever they choose to do next. Best wishes to @dugcampbell and @Nadia on their elevation to the board. The emphasis on Marketing now is a sensible move.

Was @dirvine giving us a wee hint here in The Libera Manifesto (Open Source) ? In any case is worth reading.


Yes it’s a tough shift in maidsafe at times, lots of hard work and lots of people have done the hard shifts. These guys are no exception. It is a real shame when folk leave, but we are an open source startup so we need to expect change. None of that takes away a thing from the guys ability or value whilst they are working with us. Everyone wants SAFE, just some want a different route from others, or think there are other ways to achieve SAFE.

We told the whole team today as we knew for a few weeks but wanted to get the whole plan in motion and board approvals and then ensure the team is in really good solid hands moving forward. It is, and we thank those guys for their work and continued work over the next few weeks and months, it has been a pleasure to have them alongside us and a shame when we do eventually say goodby.

Now there is a network we need to launch :wink: so back to it for all of us. SAFE is bigger than any person, company or team. It is a dream that turned into a deep desire by many for a better world. Time to deliver that dream is now, so lets do just that.


I hope there is nothing untoward going on with these resignations. Seems some important people are leaving at a really exiting time???


Without a shadow of doubt everything is exactly as they say. They never lied to us. I have full confidence and vote with my money.


Thanks @Savage, @Nigel & @Southside for the kind words. The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic - but no change there :wink: I can reiterate what @dirvine said - it’s always a shame when folk move on as with any startup (in terms of mentality here specifically) and the work from these guys has been awesome, no doubt about it. And now - the journey continues, as it must and as it will. As I mentioned earlier to someone, when you see projects like Libra starting to rear their head today, if nothing else, it brings sharply into focus once again just how high the stakes are here and how crucial it is for us to deliver a working alternative to that vision. We’ll get there :smile:


I probably should have been a little clearer, I meant untoward from external sources not maidsafe. Maybe I’m also looking at it from a personal perspective because if i was involved I don’t think I could leave a project of this magnitude until it was launched.


I want to second what Nigel wrote.

I will miss you guys @nicklambert and @pierrechevalier83, you are both very smart, logic/rational thinkers and also humble, all respect.

I get a little emotional when writing this, special thanks to Pierre for the contribution with Parsec, I know that there are very few people in the world that are capable of such accomplishments and I’am very humble and thankfull for those contributions.

I wish you guys would be here to the end, for better or worse, until this journey is completed. I hope that it is not the last time we see you and that we will hear from you guys and also maybe meet you in the future. Best of luck and wishes to both of you.


will there be any recruitment to replace Pierre in the routing team or is the current team big enough?


Lost for words…


@pierrechevalier83, @nicklambert

Thanks for your hard working for several years.


Thanks for your future harding working for several future years. :slight_smile:


lots of irons in the fire. We will recruit where the project shows us we need more progress. More than that in recruitment, but @pierrechevalier83 is a big figure to replace, that won’t be quick, however, we are always looking.


All the very best of luck to @nicklambert and @pierrechevalier83 in their new adventures.

Congratulations to @dugcampbell and @Nadia on the very much deserved promotions. Make sure that Nick gives you the key to that executive washroom behind the secret panel in the Directors office - they think we don’t know… we know!




thanks for all the hard work @nicklambert and @pierrechevalier83. Hope we will still see you on these forums from time to time!