Taxes vs Terrorism

The wealthy want income at least to the extent that they don’t want what they consider their associated wealth eaten away by inflation. At the same time grossly unequaly wealth concentrations and those who benefit from it are increasingly unable to make a real contribution to society (they may not have made a contribution in the first place) so in essence they want income in exchange for non contribution and this in the face of a situation where they already have more than they could ever use. In essence they want to tax society and but they don’t want society taxing them or placing progressive limits on what they can do with money. In a straight tax situation there are at least services to the commons that result- not the case here, its pure loss and damage and they are even opposed to the good that can come from services by way of tax because they want or accept no tax for themselves. So the wealthy sponsor terrorism to try to scare people into electing people who will cooperate with their own taxing of society without a tax in return and will aid or turn a blind eye to their terrorism. Postulate what ever mechanism one wants from monarch slaves, to deliberate climate instability to petrol bailouts this is the way its been working. If the wealthy are the cause of terrorism the public needs to know this and respond accordingly- but that is what transparency is about and it stokes populism