Taxes - curse or blessing?

This is a discussion about taxes. This started at MAID price & trading topic, but continues here.

Yes, I have gotten services, like education, medicine, basic infrastructure… but also pure, “free” cash. In here, if you have absolutely no other means of income, state will pay your rent and give little money to live on. From that money I managed to put something aside and buy some BTC at 10€ - 12€ price. Or, maybe I had one poorly paid part time job at that time - I don’t remeber the exact situation - but anyway I have been living on a money given to me by the state of Finland, for many years. Risk free money, that is not loan, and that I am free to use as I please.

If I would have had to get that money from charity, I’m not sure if I would have gotten it at all to begin with. (Charity tends to favor the cute ones, like children over adults, cats over lizards etc.)

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Like I said before, I’m not a big fan of the Finnish welfare system, but it could be worse.

Also, I’m not aware of any country where lowered taxes have been shown to lead to booming charity. It’s a bit like the idea of trickle down economics, according to which making the rich even more rich somehow automatically is supposed to make the poor less poor. Without evidence these “theories” are pretty worthless, if you ask me.


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