Tax reductions for the rich lead to job loss, lower wages, higher prices, higher debt, austerity

All of what I said in the title is simply fact. Sane tax policy recognizes that the rich didn’t generate the wealth and logically cannot have the volume of personal appetite to cycle the wealth. It recognizes that allowing the rich to personally pocket wealth they did not generate is not only theft but eliminates the middle class, enslaves people, puppetizes media and politics but also leads to civil war in the face of existential weapons. Rational tax policy keeps the money in wages and pensions and health and infrastructure to keep the economic cycle running. Dumb, incredibly dumb policy converts it into corrupting, enslaving personal debt. The rich can lead good lives and keep their names on the business but its life and death that they be taxed even in a fake evonomy like ours where automation made labor and by extension capital obsolete a long time ago.

In a free society no one is doing things for money they otherwise wouldn’t.