Taking the first steps towards MindSafe; A collaborative, leaderless effort

We are finally coming to a point that many are fed up with centralized social media and proprietary applications like Facespook. This is a fantastic thing and many are taking a hold of their social lives and moving towards alternative platforms! The idea is that we’re searching for platforms which better represent our values, protect our privacies, and don’t abuse us or our trust. But which sort of principles are we looking for, how far reaching are these data collection methods, and how do we procure anonymity within the current infrastructure?

I’m govspiders of Minds.com, an opensource encrypted social media project based upon ideas and discussion. We focus much on transparency and open governance, therefor every user is a co-creator. The idea has been up in the air for quite some time about the next steps of decentralizing nodes of Minds to enter new spaces and give users full control over their data. I am a huge advocate of the MaidSafe project and have been following weekly updates since before the test application’s release.

I think these alternative platforms and these alternative infrastructures have a lot to be gained from coming together in discussion! I’ve created a small gateway, nothing fancy to bring Minds onto the SafeNetwork temporarily while more permanent methods are obtained!

http://minds.govspiders.safenet/ (clearnet: https://minds.com)

We also come together on a panel discussion multiple times a week that any is open to join in on or even host for themselves!

http://themindspanel.safenet/ (clearnet: http://themindspanel.com)

Any feedback, discussion, or support in making this project a reality would be amazing, I really hope to get more involved and work with all of you! Thanks to @weadvance for the support on #MindSafe and inspiring ant analogies! :smiley:

7/16 Expansion:
After much discussion and looking towards the future, here are some things which are deemed most important moving forward. -
Minds is already ‘decentralized’ as far as nodes and hosting, but nodes have not yet been given a method of federation (communication between nodes/domains) MindSafe potentially may be chain-linked through federation to ClearNet-Minds & projects like LobbyVoice.
There will be a need for cryptographically secured voting mechanisms for polling and LobbyVoice proposals that will have to be based upon unique participation and proof of identity within the network.
Aside from the initial crowd sale, we hope to utilize SafeMechanisms to build an economy with soft protection from outside resource. Vote and reach via boost should be reliant upon unique interaction and origin.
We are working to build platform where your say matters in a viral way that allows you to put viral commodity, where your mouth is and back the things that matter to you in a proportional manner.


The project sounds very interesting. I think it will be right at home with Maidsafe.

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We’re looking to get people from the MaidSafe community to come join us on the show for a discussion about MaidSafe and decentralization if anyone is interested! :slight_smile:


This project suits Maidsafe a lot, Secure internet for everyone !


I used mind once and never used it again because nobody uses it, and everybody always uses facebook.

How do we get people to flock over to new platform, and leave CIAbook behind…?

I’m looking forward to decorum project. It can be the world wide social media forum. You see, I am not a big fan of reddit “current news” style. I rather see threads remain on top when someone posted it. This way we can tack same info together without having repost all the time. Very much like what this maidsafe forum is about. Reddit created “shitpost”, and “repost”. I look forward to see removing that concept, and return to the old style forums.

I been thinking something along the lines with forum + social media + bitID.

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The key to success will be in making the border between clearnet and a SAFEnet forum permeable to just the right degree and with a sufficient security level. Too little permeability, or too inconvenient to use, and the SAFE forum will suffocate before it gets going (“nobody will use it”); too much permeability and you might as well stay on Facebook since there will be an insufficient “unique selling proposition.”

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Expanded on some details that have made their way into discussion! Feedback, questions, and input would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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