Taking Over Twitter - with a SAFE Twitter Chat App

Since it’s too soon to provide any alternatives I guess the best we can do is contribute to the dialogue and continue singing the praises of what will be…

I suppose if this issue continues to be fashionable and relevant to twitter when SAFE is viable then it would have helped to get the conversation going earlier. It might be hard to maintain excitement and keep a conversation going for 6 months+ though.

Did you get any response from the campaign when you messaged them?

Are you suggesting we organise to get dozens of us tweeting and retweeting messages that help draw attention to the SAFE alternative?

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I’m suggesting we do things to foster the conversation and to see if there are practical steps we (e.g Project Decorum, or anyone else interested on similar social apps) can do to be ready with an alternative twitter app asap.

I’m pretty sure there are people working on such projects already, and it’s fine if they want to stay focused on their project rather than show their hand or be diverted by this conversation. I’m trying to make it clear that this is an open proposal, and not something I intend to do more than encourage and help out with in small ways.

I’ve said the same to the BuyTwitter folk. Nathan is on board with the idea but doesn’t want it to distract from the buyout plan, which I agree it shouldn’t. So I’ll be supportive of his endeavor too.

If anyone wants to see the status of those discussions (which were very brief) see the loomio link in the OP. So far that’s the full extent of them and I don’t expect to do more than keep in touch for the time being. Others are welcome to go ahead with anything they feel is constructive, but don’t look to me to lead this, I’m just pointing out the opportunity.

And if anyone wants to take a lead and make progress, for example to develop an App and position it ready to provide the alternative to a buyout at some point, be my guest, I will support you.

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Salesforce Won’t Pursue Bid for Twitter
Lack of buyer interest means social-media company will have to forge ahead on its own, for now

developer here, doing .net for the day job. have been following the project and partook in the last funding round. am very interested in how this would work. I know that SAFE is basically a distributed key-value store, but how do you then do querying on top of that to make all the usual twitter search functionality etc. work?

would also be interested to contribute, if there is any dev effort start up in this direction.


Hey @matto welcome! Check out this thread Indexed Structured Data Hope this helps a bit


Sounds like you guys are already on it. Thanks! I might learn something about writing databases along the way…


@matto This rfc was proposed by a community member not internally by maidsafe. @Tim87 has some great ideas on indexing though, I can’t say I fully understand them as I’m not that technical. As @lightyear (who is a maidsafe team member) said in the indexing thread that he believes it would be possible to do indexing with most current data type (mutable data). So look into mutable data rfc perhaps, hop on over to the dev forum as well forum.safedev.org, ask some questions and there are pointers to tutorials and github repos etc there as well. @lightyear please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this.


I had no interest in twitter until this US election cycle where Trump used and continues to use it to his advantage bypassing the main street media. In recent weeks I’ve seen a push buy some popular twitter accounts behind the Trump campaign push for people to move to Gab (which is in Beta and a cross between twitter and reddit). While I think Gab has done very well since this push, I still think that many people will stay on twitter to continue following their favorite people and not loose there followers by starting over on Gab. In this regard twitter has developed a very effective exit deterrent strategy.

Therefore, I agree with @jabba that a safe version (new or buyout) of twitter will grow as the popularity of safe grows. Especially when safe captures the attention of major accounts with large followings like Trump.

These are exciting times and this is a major opportunity as more and more people look to social media like twitter for news and not just to follow non political stars.


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Here is an article about how Twitter can suspend Donald Trump’s account: Twitter Has the Right to Suspend Donald Trump. But It Shouldn’t. – Twitter Has the Right to Suspend Donald Trump. But It Shouldn’t. - The New York Times

I doubt Twitter will do that but the article also says: “Earlier this year, the company suspended several Trump supporters who appeared to run afoul of those rules.”

A SAFE version of Twitter would be great. Users can choose themselves who to follow. Remove the need for centralized censorship!

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It goes without saying that I don’t like centralized censorship, though (call me a hypocrite if you wish) it can not stop me from feeling smug when things or people that I consider nasty get censored.

However, some sort of automated personalized censorship will be crucial on the globalized filth dump the Safe Network will, by virtue of its nature of absolute privacy, inevitably become. There are things I don’t want to see (or I don’t want my cats see :joy_cat:), there are people I don’t want to have to listen to, but I don’t want to be cut off from new things: a white list (“who to follow”) is insufficient; we do need blacklists as well.

In fact, I believe one of the more interesting aspect of the Safe Network will be the ways its community will come up with to regulate trust and content in what is a fundamentally trustless and “anything goes” system.


Yes, blacklists, automated moderation and even manual moderation in many cases, all those things will no doubt need to be added to most SAFE social apps. The good thing with the SAFE network is that it will be individual freedom and free speech as a foundation, instead of centralized censorship as a foundation which in practice the web is today.

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Hypocrite! :wink:

If more people would take the time to expose themselves to all sides of an issue they would have a more well rounded view. Speaking as a registered democrat and a black women who voted for Trump, I found more nasty people on the Hillary side than the Trump side.


Considering the mess around crooked Hillary and the DNC, I’m fairly positive we would have Bernie Sanders as president elect right now, had we only had a widely adopted Safe Network during 2016… Even with just Twitter, he almost won, in spite of his own party working against him; now think what the Safe Network could’ve meant for equalizing his campaign with that of Hillary…

… and I can’t blame you (though I can’t agree, either)

She was such a crooked candidate that even Democrats voted against him. You basically represent the opposite of what would’ve been the case with a Bernie v.s. Trump election, when many Republicans could’ve voted for a Democrat with a clear conscience, knowing the kind of person Trump is, but being content Bernie was at least as anti-establishment as him. But anyway, this half of my answer is going very off-topic :scream_cat:


Reasonable and mature people should be able to debate and agree to disagree on the safe network. While we should have the option to block unreasonable nasty people who just name call when they disagree (racist, homophobic, deplorable etc).

As a Haitian who was aware of Hillary’s corruption in Haiti I was a reluctant Trump supporter. I only started actively campaigning for Trump after Hillary called his supporters deplorable. The more and more I learned about her other corruptions through this process the harder I campaigned for Trump. This women is pure evil in so many ways. That she stole the election from Bernie should give people pause. I also thought it was wrong that she labeled Trump supporters who saw her corruption or just do not align with the liberal democratic platform (like late term abortion for example) as deplorable and irredeemable. This was one of her many mistakes which got a lot of people like me behind Trump.

I made so many new friends from gays to conservative Christians to immigrants, to the educated and uneducated and even to Muslims who do not want to see Sharia law implemented in the US.

Trump is not perfect but how he and his supporters were projected in the media compared to Hillary was very unbalanced.

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Can we ensure that replies remain on topic. If they keep going further off topic then I will need to move the last few to their own topic.

Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:


A couple thoughts about adoption. What is it that SAFE twitter provides that clear twitter does not? No censorship I’d assume. Anonymity for another. Can you import/export your data from one to the other? Can you cross post from one to the other? These are the kinds of things that’ll encourage adoption. I use twitter mainly as a relay between social networks and as more or less a universal log in. I also use it a bit as a news feed but not as much. So if you could rig SAFE twitter with an rss from your regular twitter, solve the universal log in issue, and develop a link forwarding mechnism you’d get more users.


Twitter could just block the new potus or delete his account. The new potus seems to believe that money should be able to obstruct or throttle or its just the fairness doctrine all over again, that anti censorship is unfair to extreme wealth. Irony is twitter bypasses the sponsor filter.

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Adoption against the inertia of an existing system will always be an immense problem, but we should not assume that people will always be as complacent about surveillance capitalism and privacy, and as happy with the incumbents as they are now.

Having said that, I think you are spot on in trying to find ways to ease people across this barrier.

One issue which you didn’t mention, and which is at the root of the move to buy twitter is advertising - or more generally surveillance capitalism: the collection and exploitation of private information about humans for profit.

I use twitter a lot because the quality of sources and information is so good, given that I largely collate the sources myself. Bonus is that I get to exchange views with all manner of people, and to interact with them, from individuals, to specialists, politicians, policymakers, bureaucrats. Even the oligarchs!

Different groups use twitter for different reasons, so differentiating the main ones and figuring out what they would need to get them to adopt an alternative would be useful. The reason I started this thread was that I could see the move to buy twitter might provide an opportunity to bypass these issues. Because if enough people were motivated, and found they couldn’t in the end buy the real twitter, they might be willing to campaign to move en masse to a SAFE Twitter.


A twitter alternative on a network that supports anonymised access and postings shouldn’t be called twitter, I think “Bitter” would be more appropriate.


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