Taking inspiration from Lisk

Hi guys, as most of you already know, recently Lisk has been rebranded. The project has now a new face and a well-defined style. The good thing is that this new face is not related just to the website. In fact, the whole brand-soul has been changed giving to the public new different perceptions.

I think this new marketing move has added great value to the project cause has mainly changed the approach to the “average user” building a simple and friendly connection towards him. Through a clear and easy design, they cleaned the surface of the project appearing more transparent to users’ eyes.

This is the way imo that a rebrand should be done. Reassuming, through this event, devs linked Lisk closer to values like:
• cleanness
• clearness (easy for users to understand)
• transparency
• friendship
• trust
So what’s the point with Safe? Well, I made this post cause I hope that the future Safe marketing moves could take in part inspiration from this event. Let me know what you think about it, if you’d like a type of this rebrand for Safe or what you’d change


Lisk did a terrific job rebranding itself. Maid needs a face-lift in that area, most people still think maid is only for storage like sia and storj… or even worst, a maid tipping service :wink:!

The thing about a re-brand… so many people haven’t seen SAFENet yet, what’s the difference between seeing it for the first time as it is or for the first time as a rebrand.

Rebrand or not, it the marketing drive behind the brand that matters and this year a massive step in the right direction of marketing has been made.

I’m not sure rebranding is necessary.

Edit: Maybe extra-brand but I would keep the name and logos for example.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was not talking about a rebrand for Safe but a marketing move which could have the same effect of the Lisk event. I specified in fact “Safe future marketing moves”
Thus, my post was mainly focused on the effect towards the public, a perception of solidity thanks to good marketing. I wanted to underline how much marketing could be important for a project