Taking decentralized one step further... wireless?

Here are a couple of previoius maidsafe threads on the topic of wireless routers for a mesh network. I think this forum could be organized better so that previous discussions aren’t pushed down out of “permanent” view by new posts. That way, the ideas and thoughts can be better integrated and developed. At least have something comparable to the bitcointalk.org forum.

Are you guys (@chrisfostertv & @warren ) talking about openlibernet? Because this site renders an “account suspended” page. Try it out, do you see the same thing?


Warren’s original typo libErnet threw my search off. You’re talking about libRenet, tied to Diaspora I assume.

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Taking it a step further, what if you could earn a “coin” for providing network access? Then people could be incentivized to do exactly what you’re saying (provide a mesh network). What if you could earn A LOT of coin for launching a balloon or satellite into space, and providing lots of network access. With “coin” technology, and crowdsourcing - an open alternative to the projects currently being launched by Google, SpaceX, and Facebook may be possible. That would be a truly open and global network.


I always thought that was part of SAFE coin and its unfolding. But it would have to value all the parameters.

Yes it was OpenLibernet…now a dead link. I did download the whitepaper, but seems corrupted unfortunately.

Download corrupted or content of paper corupted?


I’m sure someone will design a new coin eventually on SAFE that incentivises network expansion

But would it need to be a new coin or just an addition to the way basic way people already earn coin? If SAFE is to provide a true internet 2, it should replace the nodes and infrastructure of the network with end user owned/controlled open source hardware and software. A billion new phones a year is a great start, lets cut their cord and make them provider free. These phones will soon enough be made from graphene processors (or so it appears) which may provide enough of a leap to outright replace data centers and any real advantage they provide to the current internet. Although it seems we could already do this with current tech the greater battery life and speed/density of what is coming could help quite a bit.

There is obviously a very deliberate effort to centralize the current internet to de-fang it and get it under the control of traditional centers of power. But to centralize it is to make it less than useless and turn it into a mechanism of downright oppression. In this light it would see that the progression of MaidSAFE type decentralizing tech is inevitable, if we are to have any kind of life that any of us would want to live.

There may come a point where the public is beggining to outright demand the removal of cable/telco from areas, and that they be barred from spectrum etc. The represent an obsolete aproache. if we do this my hope is that we don’t just buy them off so they live to fight again another day. They have been very malignant entities, (as has the recent stock market regime and its culture ) and losses are in order to set precedent on funding malignant ventures.

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Alive and well at http://www.openlibernet.org/

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