Tails Installer for Debian

Not quite SAFE OS, but with this GUI you can install / update a Tails USB stick from Debian.

Tails Installer is a graphical tool to install or upgrade Tails
on a USB stick from an ISO image. It aims at making it easier and faster to get
Tails up and running.


I feel like I have been living under a rock because I have never heard of Tails.
Yet I have never seen anyone here mention it either so I searched the forum to find little talk about it.
I played with it for about an hour and so far I am really surprised by the lack of recognition it gets among a privacy focused community.

Does anyone here use it?

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I tried it years back, then made my own custom version … don’t use it much anymore though. Someday I’d like to build a team to make a Safe Network OS - something really slimmed down, mostly browser-only with WASM apps … but that’s a decade away probably.

Tails is good though if you don’t mind the static nature of images.


Also, for those interested in Tails, you might also be interested or even prefer “Heads”. It doesn’t use systemD or non-free software and comes from the good folks at dyne.org

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