Symform - Free* online backup service

Because they hold the keys?

“Symform is encrypted cloud storage. We secure each folder with a unique AES-256 encryption key for maximum protection.” – note the words “we secure” and not YOU SECURE, as is the case with SAFEnet.

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Of course, you may always encrypt yourself with whatever you like. I use encfs on linux to encrypt all folders I put on dropbox.

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Yes I encrypt all my data before I upload to cloud. I could leave the porn part unencrypted, but I’ll encrypt that too, just to annoy the government.

They just need to make sure it’s properly chunked and protected (which is also not a big concern, because I just need DR for my backups).

One part that I’m curious about is how they’re going to kick out users who can’t deliver proper uptime and performance.
They’ll probably have a probe that checks that stuff, but I wonder if they’ll clearly publish the criteria or not. My QNAP box is on WiFi, maybe I’ll have to move it to LAN… Maybe I should bite the bullet and get 1 GigE deployed house-wide.

By the way, did anyone notice that the company is owned by Quantum? Traditional storage vendors aren’t that clueless after all.


Another reason I think SAFEnet is quite a bit better for data security is due to the fact that it’s a fully distributed network and has no central control that can be shutdown. If the State decides it doesn’t like these companies, it goes after them ala Kim Dotcom.

Symform may be pushing data into a distributed network, but if they get shutdown, I wonder if any of that data would be retrievable.

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Just downloading it now - they’ve done a great job with installers - goes on just about everything: Mac, Win, Linux, NAS devices, and mobile … even variants for three flavors of linux. I’m impressed!

Hi @janitor still remember? This at least help you half the way with your :movie_camera: :high_heel: :kissing_heart:

Now you can get an invitecode there are still 40 left so hurry, I just got mine:

If your dutch is not that ++ I can help you.

Go here & scroll down

@polpolrene you can get an invite code now

Have Fun or Have Nun

Hey Eddy,

You think you can throw an invite code in my direction too? :smiley:


Unfortunately I’m not the man in charge, but if you go to:

You can scrolldown and click on GRATIS

After that you’ll see “Aanmelden” Provide an:

  • email address
  • Username
  • Password Lowercase/Uppercase/number

And they’ll email you, if you have any problems with the dutch language I can guide you through. Keep in mind they can be unpredictable with the invitecode sometimes you get an invite and sometime you have to wait a day.


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Thanks for your help but it doesn’t seem to work. I can’t click on Gratis because it’s only text and not a button :smile:

Also there are some terms * associated:

  • Dit tarief geldt voor de 1e maand. Daarna geldt het reguliere tarief.

which means:

  • This rate applies to the 1st month. After that the regular rate.?

So starting the 2nd month you need to pay right?

Do you see this blue button? If so click it

Terms is only related if you exceed space above the 1TB, the 1TB is free.

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That button is not visible for me :

I’ll check back later and maybe I’ll get lucky on this offer

Maybe I can help, so let’s chat.

If you can install

After that choose channel: sfcoin

and a name you want to use

I’ll wait

I don’t want to use free stuff for things that are supposed to work. I want to pay and I want it to work.
I am not saying this will go away, but I could, in theory, upload 900 GB of data and 2 months later find a “new and exciting update” from the provider in which they inform me that the free storage plan is gone.

Symform looks like it may stay around for a while, and I’d pay with my own unused capacity (I have a few TB).
As long as people pay with spare capacity and these guy stay in the middle and collect a fee, they can’t easily go bust or not make money.


I will look into that when I get home.

I’m at work and can’t install anything right now :slight_smile:

Good luck with paying money for stuff, I rather pay attention:

[quote=“janitor, post:17, topic:6171”]
As long as people pay with spare capacity and these guy stay in the middle and collect a fee, they can’t easily go bust or not make money.
[/quote]Guys in the middle only get the middle finger, because that’s the old model that everybody is sick off.

The SAFE Network gives SAFEcoins, Highly Advanced Security and there’s nobody is the middle. Don’t forget that Symform can just get a visit from a 3 letter government agency.

If you PM me your email I can try to create an account for you or you can do it yourself at home. Cheers

Had an account with symform for a long time, had problems with the client software so never really used it other than a few test files. Just using dropbox/drive until safe comes out.

So did you pay attention to that part where it says “add more free storage to your free plan with contribution”?

From your past comments and posts I am not too assured of your knowledge in this area, so I’ll try to challenge your claims:

  • MaidSafe is also a middleman (middlemen?). If not, can you speculate on reasons people invested in MaidSafe and where can the profit come from if not from the spread of what users give and get? I’m not saying it’s not going to be a good deal for everyone, I’m just challenging the notion that there’s nooone in the middle and yet magically MaidSafe is supposed to come out of this with pockets lined up more than before.
  • With these guys it seems I need to give 1TB to get 500GB. WIth SAFE network I will need to wait 6 months or more to earn 500 SAFE, or I’d have to now spend a ton of BTC to buy enough MAID to store 500GB on SAFE network (use a calculator and calculate for yourself).
  • A 3 letter government agency can kiss my ass. My files will be properly encrypted.

Symform is a backup app, while SAFE is more than that.
You made a poorly argued case that Symform is different from SAFE, which is something noone questioned.

I hope not the kind im thinking of :neutral_face:

How can Maidsafe be a middleman, with what takes place on the SAFE Network? Will they be able to collect a fee?

[quote=“janitor, post:21, topic:6171”]
With these guys it seems I need to give 1TB to get 500GB.
[/quote]Hmmmm If you give 1TB to get 500GB, doesn’t that mean that you lose 500GB? or do I have math problems?

[quote=“janitor, post:21, topic:6171”]
WIth SAFE network I will need to wait 6 months or more to earn 500 SAFE, or I’d have to now spend a ton of BTC to buy enough MAID to store 500GB on SAFE network
[/quote]500 Maidsafecoin costs $7 right now, that’s not really a ton of BTC

[quote=“janitor, post:21, topic:6171”]
My files will be properly encrypted.
[/quote]It doesn’t matter if everything is encrypted, if the app disappears from your phone/appstore, good luck with getting your encrypted files back. With the SAFE Network, it will be a harder task, because they have to let a protocol disappear.

Yes, the network is supposed to create coins out of thin air and a percentage goes to MaidSafe, who sells it on open market.

You have IT problems. If I need 2TB of capacity for off-site backup, I can pay for that by donating 4TB to the network and that’s a good deal.
You’ve been on this forum for a while so you should know that’s how the SAFE network is supposed to work (actually you need to donate 4x (not 2x) and then have to get GET to earn SAFE to be able to buy storage - many months of waiting and uncertainty).

500 MAID buys you 500 MB, not 500 GB. [@happybeing: this is speculation, not the price of SAFE storage, because storage costs will be calculated automatically by the network based on supply and demand, as will farming rewards, so it’s complicated and we’ll have to see how this works! ]

Maybe. I already said I would consider Symform for backup of my data. It wouldn’t be my only copy, so that doesn’t worry me.