Symbolic Bookmarking

Okay the inspiration for this app comes from the Stargate series so if you haven’t watched the movie or any of the series perhaps that would be a good idea in order to get the visuals. Anyway I was thinking about several issues: No DNS bookmarking + 3D in world gaming interface navigation (you could probably do it with 2D as well) + competitive third party DNS services + a kind of contact book idea. Forgive the bad grammar that’s literally how it appeared in my head. So say you start with a hash url like 35q4jik446kjd84 or something. Then you name that “Bob’s website.” Then you assign an image or symbol to that website and apply it to your website “Stargate.” Seems simple enough so far, it’s just like using any picture as a link. Only that image needs to be unique to that website and it needs to be memorable (just like say a constalation would be). So that’s why I’m thinking the image it uses needs to be generated by links or nodes that are connected to it. Now whether this is links that are symbolically connected to it by the user (say all your links by subject or something or maybe you connect them because you happened to do something random like wash your hair that day) or if they’re just connected as random nearby nodes I’m not sure on. The former would allow for a more memorable image the later for more randomness. But basically what I’m thinking is when you assign a glyph to a link you’d pick a very simple symbol or geometric shape and then other symbols/shapes from other sites would be incorproated into it by the system thereby making it unique. Now one could argue that one should be allowed to come up with one’s own unique symbol or crest but how would you compare them? Perhaps both approaches could be incorporated. I’m open to discussion.

Anyway once you have your unique symbols you could then dial various websites and locations in safespace. Remember safe isn’t going to be JUST websites but also files, folders and so on. And for your 3D character it’ll also be locations. So such a system could actually be very handy. i was also thinking that asde from using random tor like strings to locate a website you could use strings of these symbols similar to a stargate address which would basically say “It is here reletive to this, this and this position.” Or if you prefer “enter the right address code to decrypte the message.” Again discuss. The notion of xor space as an actual 3D space is rather appealing but I’m not yet sure how accurate the metaphor is.

Anyway just thought I’d throw the idea out there and see what people think.

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Have you seen localbitcoins image they generate based on your IP address?

This image should be different for everybody since your IP address is different

EDIT: if I follow the above link it seems to be the IP address of the forum used since it linked to it, but if I copy and past the link into the browser I get the one for my IP address.

There is s/w to do that now. Localbitcoins use it so that people can quickly identify a change in IP address which they hope shows that you might be hijacked since localbitcoins would see a different IP address if there is a MITM attack going on.

It could be adapted to be based on the “hash url”

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Have you seen ethereum’s wallet address creation

You could do this with an image or a watermark, what do you think?

with stylus pen you could even have a invisible signature

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This looks good though perhaps we could rig it to be more stylizied into a glyph of some kind. Though I have no idea how one would do that.