Sydney, Australia Meetup Group?


Now that would be a solid effort Phil! I’d like to get something together to run one in mid/late October. Honestly though, Friday arvo/evenings are not the best for meetups. We’ll update this thread with any decisions that get made :smiley:

Hope the project is going well down there in Cowra!


Looking to reboot the meetup here in Sydney and have put together a survey to get some insight into the members. Feedback welcome :slight_smile:

The last meetup I ran was over 12 months ago and it was just a meetup at the pub over a few beers (6 people showed up)…There are heaps of materials and reference points on ideas for these SAFE meetups, so me and @abennett should be able to bring a few things together relatively easily.

A few ideas:

  1. Turn the safe primer into a deck to present followed by a Q&A.
  2. Go through a live demo getting the Alpha testnet up and running, then go through some example apps
  3. Get someone from the community like @whiteoutmashups @Nigel @Seneca to do a stream and talk about building on the SAFEnetwork
  4. Go through example of “Things That Would Not Have Happened On SAFE”

I want to get a feel for what the meetup community members in Sydney want to see and then make decision on how to proceed. Are we still calling them SafePods?

Also any ideas you’d like to share about content to present or ways to run it, please do share :slight_smile:

SAFE Network Dev Update - October 18, 2018

I’d be a bit more keen to join in in a couple months when we get our new rebuild of jams demo up and running with the new API’s/latest browser releases. There are other things to talk about though and I’m not completely opposed. Let me know what happens and keep in touch.


Thanks Nigel! No pressure at all, twas just an idea. I love what you’re doing with JAMS and having someone that has first hand experience building on the network would be great. It probably won’t be relevant to do this type of thing until Jan/Feb next year anyway but I’ll definitely keep you in the loop.