Sydney, Australia Meetup Group?


Anyone motivated?




I’m in. Have you created the group yet Phil?


No I haven’t yet but I can - do you think two is enough to get going with? I suppose more Sydney Meetup people will be informed about it when it is created - which will get MaidSafe more coverage too I guess . .




What about starting a safe pod in sydney?


Thanks hamiltino! Will do :smile:


A Sydney Safe Pod seems like a good idea to me too - as long as there are more competent C++ programmers than me involved! - although I am still struggling to get maidsafe/MaidSafe from GitHub built on Fedora 20:

I will ask the people on later today on to see if it can be resolved.




It is a great idea but I am not a programmer myself so we will need to recruit some competent C++ programmers that are interested in the project like you’ve mentioned. I have a C++ guy doing some work with me on project specifications for an app and may be able to get him to help. I am also going to Bitcoin meetup on 24th of November at Atlassian and will assess interest from some competent programmers.


OK, I am happy to set up the Meetup Group but why don’t we see what sort of response we can get from some serious C++ programmers before setting up the Pod? Maybe we could try and catch up at the Bitcoin meetup and see how things are travelling?



Sounds great Phil. Did you get on the RSVP for the Bitcoin address at Atlassian? I definitely think a Meetup group is a good start as it will give a platform to leverage from and focus on building some awareness and networking first.

The bitcoin community here in Sydney is a good place to start for us and we can find some C++ programmers in that crowd. A SAFEPod can be a later step we engage in over the next few months. I’m interested in familiarizing myself with C but this is a long way off as I’m not a programmer and the furthest I have progressed is teaching myself front end languages and some basic python. More to get basic understanding rather than code myself.


Stop worrying!!

Just go ahead and start the pod! Do your best!

If you are doing that, you will attract the right people.

Don’t hesitate!! Your children’s future online security and freedom depends on it!! Mine too!! We’re all in this together, so let us not get bogged down by fear or timidity



I’m not “worried” - just over committed - I have other groups, organisations and projects that need my attention - I am not interested in setting up yet another group that hardly anyone participates in. As far as I understand what a “Pod” should be doing, there is no-one so far who has put their hand up that is able to do the required work. The Meetup Group is a differently matter, that can be just any interested people and doesn’t need to be serious C++ programmers, so I think I will stick with my own advice and get the Meetup Group going first and see what happens from there . .

Thanks for the advice though!



I have now set up the Meetup Group:

and have suggested that the first meeting be to hear back from people who could attend this:

Today Sydney! Tomorrow the world! (with the rest of you of course . .)




This meeting is happening next Monday and, as I have mentioned in another post, I will also be bringing up the possibility of developing a MaidSafe application that allows a decentralised, activist political party to organise itself efficiently and successfully - I will be subsidising this development as much as I can. See this post for more info:



Anyone else in Sydney wanting to bring some much needed momentum to the Meetup group? Have asked @philip_rhoades if I can take over the meetup group :smile:

Be good to get some committed devs together and set up a SAFE Pod.


I’d come for a cuppa, but I am in Melbourne :partly_sunny:


I have taken over the organiser role for the Sydney Project SAFE meetup and am excited to grow the interest in the community here.

Sydney decent tech scene is so dominated by “Blockchain-Buzz” it will take some unique differentiation to get momentum. My initial thoughts are to just meet up for Beers and Banter, build some rapport and excitement. Then move to learning the tech through playing with the existing demo apps. Once we have some momentum run quarterly hackathon style Jam Sessions. Through this process build connections with the global community and SAFEpods (Are they still called this?).

Maybe there are more forum community members from Sydney now. If you are reach out and get involved :slight_smile:


Hi Mathew, great to hear you’re picking up the mantle in Sydney. We run a meetup here in Melbourne ( which is on hiatus until September when we will be kicking off once more. If you get to Melbourne I’d love to catch up and would be very interested in chatting and collaborating on running the two groups.




Hi guys. I’m based in Sydney, but don’t think I’d add much to the group, as am far more likely to be an end user than a developer. That said, are there “code illiterate friendly” events?


Hi dODGy, I won’t pretend to speak for Matthew, but in general there are many roles for people around Safenetwork, and I certainly welcome non-technical people to our meetups here in Melbourne. Running meetups is also a bit of work, and most organisers welcome assistance, just saying :slight_smile: .


Sounds good Peter. I really like the idea of having unity between the Syd and Melb pods, collaboration and collectively solving problems while having fun. Looking forward to hearing about your progress with ExistenceID as well!