Swears on this forum: discussion

Hi all,

Quick background.

I was banned from the forum for one month because of quote “swears on the forum” and I would like to discuss this issue of “swears”.

BTW, this has nothing to do with pride for me, I just want to do what’s right, have an open and frank discussion and see if we can find a solution (there may already be one).

I have been having a bit of a debate with a couple of the moderators. One in particular.

This particular mod has told me this forum guideline was decided by the mods because they believe this to be a family friendly forum and that posts with swears will just be deleted because they do not have the time to moderate these.

Prior to being banned I had several of my posts and threads deleted.

They/he asked me to remove my swears and I refused.

Here are my main points and issues I would like to put up for discussion to the members of the forum.

  1. Saying something is family friendly is a bit vague. From what I can tell, most people on this forum seem to me to be of adult age and even if they are not our kids are open to all sorts of things in ever day life and the Internet as it stands…most of them are one or two clicks away from some pretty vile and hardcore things so I doubt someone under the age of eighteen is going to be so affected by reading the “F” word that they will have a break down and stop using the forum. On a personal level I limit my “F” bombs in front of my kids, of course I do, but we teach them to understand what swear words are, why adults use them and why kids should not use them, point being; i’m not shying my kids away from the realities of the world but instead prefer to teach them…and that usually means after I drop the odd ‘mother f’er’ my daughter tells me Santa won’t bring me any presents because I have used naughty words.

  2. This forum from what I can tell already uses a swear filter. Why was a filter added if the filter is over-ridden by the moderator. I wont perform the use of the filter here as an example for fear of having my thread and or post deleted but you can test this in a live setting by hitting the reply button typing the “F” word and then viewing it in your right preview pane. So the question then becomes if we already use a swear filter what is the point of then deleting threads, posts and banning members. Is it not enough that the reader sees the blotted out squares and can think for themselves ‘Oh that guy must have meant to say ####…I now understand his emphasis’. And secondly if the moderators are busy moderating the forum and are strapped for time are they not simply double handling this moderation task if the forum already does it automatically with a filter?

  3. What about another solution like a personal member setting that sets swear words off or on? Personally and obviously I like to think I am grown up enough to handle the odd F bomb and don’t believe I should be so offended by a word that I will cry in a corner when I am confronted by the odd F drop so personally this for me would be an added improvement and a win/win solution. If you don’t want to read swears, don’t read them, if you do set your setting to “ON”. Simple.


Self selected censorship via the “on/off” button seems to me to fit exactly the whole ethos of Safenet. :smiley: I mean each user has the individual responsibility to choose what he/she views.Not for a third party to do it for him/her.(This him/her thing is really tiresome ##$$$@%$#,isn’t it? ) :laughing:

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Completely agree and that was one of my gripes, we’re all here to make changes and we all have a fairly libertarian ideology about life yet when the chance comes to walk the talk we miss the opportunity and go back to what is comfortable being told what to do and telling others what to do.

We don’t post publicly in META why someone got banned for some time. But what is fair to say is that we never banned anyone from this forum for just some swearing. That’s not what we do.

Yeah, that would be great. Seneca is working right on that, with Decorum. But Discourse doesn’t have an option like that where people can choose which words to see and which not. It isn’t technically feasible here on the forum right now.