Sustainability is THE buzz word in retail... why are they using blockchain?

Look at this project?

Don’t these companies know that blockchain is not sustainable itself? It uses a massive amount of energy.

I think these are the type of businesses that need to be targeted with SAFENetwork technology. If they want to be truly sustainable, then the SAFENetwork is something they should be using and shouting from.yhe roof tops that it’s green and sustainable technology!


Safe would definitely be better in terms of power consumption.

However, that organisation is focusing on improving the markets and supply chain to enable coffee producers to profit more from theit work. They’re not primarily focused on reducing energy consumption (though ‘carbon footprint’ is one of their environmental aims, but seems secondary to economic factors in their communication).

For their purpose, Safe could be better (once available) than blockchain in terms of reduced costs, and also improved secure communications.

Many of the coffee producing nations have terrible governance, with little freedom for many. Safe could help these farmers economically, and in terms of political / religious / other freedoms.


For some applications the mining can be slow and have a relatively small amount of miners. So if there are 100 miners in that coffee project and blocks can be hours apart then cheap and slow mining rigs (== lower power) can be used and be efficient in power (relatively). Crypto coins is such that only the fastest gets paid then there is a race to be the fastest and this requires a lot of power, but the coffee project *may* not have rewards for first to mine the block and are only interested in the validity of their ledger.

Of course SAFE is a better option since immutable data cannot be changed the ledger can effectively be written in Safe files without the need for mining for proofs.