Suspension System

@moderators would it be possible to find out more about the Safe Network Forum Suspension system? Many thanks

This is not some game you play to see how close you can get. Please, just follow the rules.

This is not a game and as yet no-one has explained the rules. I have simply received rather unpleasant private messages. I am no clearer on the extent or duration of suspensions or the degrees of offences. With all due respect to you I am finding this exchange rather toxic and would prefer to engage with another moderator to ensure this matter is explained to me without further interpersonal conflict. Thanks.

@moderators I would like to ask how the suspension system works on this forum. I have read the guidelines again and am clearer on exactly the type of issues that can lead to a suspension - but there is no information on the duration of a suspension, or how many lead to a permanent ban. Thank you for your assistance. Best wishes

The system has the following suspension levels:

We basically follow each level one after the other. Once a user reach the last level he/she get a ban, unless there is a gross violation of the rules and then we act directly with a ban.

For example, the most ignored user of the forum has received multiple suspensions / time bans:

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Thank you very much for this information. It has helped me make sense of the suspension system and the protocol involved which is a relief. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it so carefully.

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