Suspended members list

This list shows “suspended” members of our community. Users with a suspension can read our forum but can’t log in. They won’t be able to post a reply, create a new topic and/or use Private Messaging (PM). You can look at a user’s profile to see when the suspension is over.

Active suspensions:

The user’s name is removed from this list when he/she is allowed back to the forum as the suspension is over. When a moderator/administrator proposes a suspension, he/she needs to get support from other mods/admins as well. Not all mods/admins are online everyday but at least 3 votes are needed to suspend a user. In extreme cases (and no other mod/admin online) a mod/admin can suspend a member directly, although there needs to be consensus of at least 3 mods/admins in the following 48 hours. The duration of the suspension depends on the violation of the guidelines and the amount of previous suspensions.

We don’t post details about what someone did and/or which guidelines were violated. This is because we think it is not fair to mark someone’s name publicly on the forum without the member being able to make a comment to it. At the same time the team of moderators/administrators is quite big and filled with active members from this community. We don’t suspend easily and we always try to reach as much consensus (and look for other options) as we can. We make it clear to users why we suspended them but this communication goes over PM with @moderators. We won’t reply and/or discuss these issues publicly.

The Moderation Team