Surveillance capitalism

I’d like us to have a category called or for Surveillance Capitalism related info and discussion.

This seems to me a vital discussion directly relevant to SAFE Network.

Cf. the following, which does not appear on the front page, yet I think it’s an important area for us to highlight and develop ideas related to SAFE.


Hey @happybeing - totally agree with you about how important this is. Can’t wait for her book next week, been on pre-order for a while, wrote about it earlier this week. It’s a huge topic & very relevant. It’s definitely a key theme for us all, particularly over the next year. The narrative is moving fast against Facebook etc and it’s becoming increasingly newsworthy (e.g.


@neo am I going mad?

I thought I posted this in Meta, and that there was a discussion about what category to create etc between mods and myself but notice you just moved it to Meta, and there is no trace of that discussion. Any idea what happened?!

That was by PM wasn’t it

It must have been! I don’t know how, I meant it to go in Meta!

EDIT: I must have posted it without category and I see @JPL created the PM discussing about it.

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