Surfing SAFE on Fedora causes Firefox to crash

Launcher version: [0.4.0]
Demo app version: [0.2.0]
Browser version: [Firefox 42.0 / Google Chrome 50.0.2 / Safari 9.0.3]
Operating System: Fedora 21

Okay so I hop on Linux, set up the SAFE Launcher and demo app and decide to surf some SAFE sites right. I make sure the pac is turned on and what not and off I go. I try loading a safe site and my whole browser freezes up and crashes, repeatedly. Every time I reopen firefox and try to refresh the safe site it crashes. I don’t know if it’s the site of if you guys did an upgrade to the pac file I don’t know about but whatever it is it seems to make Firefox have kittens.

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Can you try to use other browsers, not that that solves anything related to FF, but it might give a better picture what works and doesn’t.

I don’t even think I have another browser installed on here. I’ve never used another one on linux.

Also there’s the complication of configuring another browser to use SAFE. How would I do it even if I could find one?

Doesn’t chrome install on linux? I’ve not tried so its a question

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Yes I have chrome and firefox (on Debian).

Can you try the updated version of the Demo App?

SAFE Demo App v0.2.1 > Release Launcher Demo App · maidsafe-archive/safe_examples · GitHub

MaidSafe Demo App Change Log


- Folder upload bug fix for OSX and Linux
- Overwrite of directory error is handled and presented to the user
- UI Text updates to indicate folder requirement while creating a service