Supporting Mutiple Programing Language API

Is there any road map to bring API in different programming language, I saw Java Api is available. Like Go, Scala, Python etc…I think this will attract development community . Any Thoughts.


Hi Anuj,

Currently, we support only JavaScript & NodeJS bindings, but technically interested community members can implement bindings for other languages quite easily, as the SAFE Client Libs’s API is compatible with the C ABI, which is a kind of lingua franca of native APIs.

So you can call the API functions from any language that supports interfacing with C libraries - that is, virtually any known programming language :slight_smile: Some pointers are: CFFI module in Python, FFI in Go, and Scala is basically the same as Java (so you can use the Java bindings), etc. And here’s a minimal example in C++ to start with.

However, you should bear in mind that the API is not stable and it’s likely that there will be some minor changes here and there.


Awesome, Thanks, I will look into yours suggestion, will try to come up with some this month. Let me try at least.

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