Support w CLI

HI everyone, I am trying to get going with the CLI but have encountered something strange.

`safe auth install
error: Found argument ‘auth’ which wasn’t expected, or isn’t valid in this context


For more information try --help`

I was following the that comes with the safe cli, and couldn’t get around this


The CLI adopted what auth used to do.
but the testnet is offline atm and code if in flux… so, would suggest hold off for now.

The previous iteration was simpler then as something like this

curl -so- | bash
safe -V
safe node install
safe node killall
safe networks add fleming-testnet
safe networks switch fleming-testnet
safe networks check
safe keys create --test-coins --for-cli

which is just install and select the right network and create some testcoin to allow upload with the CLI.

watch then for updates against subforum : Updates - Safe Network Forum - those typically follow each Thursday…


Just ignore anything related to “auth” for now - and perhaps forever…
the docs need updated but they are likely to change soon again

For now you need safe itself and safe node install

However be aware that due to the fast pace of development, the last version of safe node that produced a workable vault for me was Release Safe Network v0.9.1 · maidsafe/safe_network · GitHub


Got it, thanks. I was afraid it was something like this.

I don’t want to use Filecoin or Storj or Sia. :sob: