Suitable backend storage for Vaults?

hi all,

thought i’d give this a push as it’s pretty ideal for farmers looking to develop a big chunk of storage…

software defined
use cheap servers and disks
resilient using software XOR not hardware RAID

running here on 3 x hp microservers, selection of any old sata drives - mine = 4tb down to 200gb in size (doesn’t matter) usage gets balanced by file system…

i my case 12 drives giving me 21tb of space

runs on ubuntu beautifully

simple install, whack ubuntu usb key as system, xfs the sata drives, install lizardfs (2 x master (prime + shadow), 1 x metadata log, N x chunkservers) across the servers, tweak a few configs… start services, relax - drink coffee…

quick and easy…

rup :wink: