Suggestion to wrap testnet tools in tracking software

Okay but hear me out,

What if whenever someone runs safe cat safe://blahblah > filename it sends MaidSafe a log item telling them this has happened, and then another one when it exits.

Zero privacy with this method, but maybe it would help speed testing/troubleshooting up? I imagine there would still be a lot of willing volunteers on a diverse range of systems.

(Inspired by trying to write and debug multiprocessing programs.)


Most important is not to forget removing it before release :wink:


Curses, foiled again!



If the team thinks this can be useful, it should be done IMO. That’s the best moment to do this.

It just needs to make sure people are aware of it. Ideally, as an opt-in:

Would you like to send all activity to MaidSafe to help the product development?

But with better wording.

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Or even release 2 concurrent testnets: One without tracking, and one with extensive tracking.

This could even continue past release, with upgrades being trialled in smaller testnets, one with user-tracking.

To clarify, this is a serious suggestion.