SUGGESTION: Renaming the "Demo App"

It’s just reoccurred to me that the “demo app” doesn’t really mean anything to people that may be new to Maidsafe.

I just showed a guy at work who is aware of Maidsafe and his first question was “what is the demo app”.

it would be good idea seeing as the demo app could just be used a place to store other apps if it was kind of like the app store of sorts and then this way we could rename the “demo app” to something a little more familiar to people e.g. apphub, safehub, app-network etc.

Do tell me if I am rambling.


I’m not sure if it is supposed to be a place where multiple applications are stored. I think it’s simply a demo(nstration) app and nothing more than that :D.


Yeah totally.
But it’s funny cos it could be used exactly for that.
Kind of like Perry Spencers Microwave overn.

I mean the first thing people want when you show them a new toy is a way to play with it and I think it would be too east for Maidsafe to just say 'heck with it we already developed the “demo app” why dont we release it to the public and it can be used at the default hub for uploading and downloading said apps.

But back to the original suggestion. People still scratch their heads I think with the “demo app” name.


I agree the demo has already evolved beyond a simple “demo app” and become more of an “easy bake” client interface. Perhaps it’s like Life Stuff’s little brother or something or will evolve into Life Stuff eventually. Actually given the nature of the demo app and it’s original intentions of being a transparent example of how an app might work I think it’s focus should be more like a “Template App.” More focus on examples of API usage and maybe tutorial documentation to go with it. Sort of like if an app developer wants to build a new app they watch or read a tutorial and the tutorial cites examples that are demonstrated using code and features in the Template App. I’ve been thinking of creating a site of compiled web snippets for similar purposes for web development for SAFE. A code and help site. The documentation on maidsafes help files is largely written for developers, not written for people trying to BECOME developers. There’s a big difference.

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Oh yeah.

But even more so I am saying. The download itself is from Maidsafe, its right there and other apps can be placed on it. A new app store is going to have a hard time getting anywhere near the traction maid has.