Suggestion, not a bug (again, sorry :/)

Why is there a launcher and a management app? Seems weird. Why not one that can do both?

I would suggest that this be raised as an enhancement in the github repo’s issues:

Because one must launch, and may manage.

[The new bugs category has already failed survive the onslaught of mission-creepers… One has the same odds of finding a bug here like in any other category of this forum]


I think the main reason is that MaidSafe did not want to “muscle in” and give their App prior position.

I don’t know how to do that. Sorry.

Yeah sure I get that but if it was all in the launcher, the launcher can then become a ‘suite’. I like my bits n pieces all in the one place. It solves several problems by promoting sites, apps, development and reduces the need for separate bits of software which if friggin annoying.

One of my personal BIG goals with this is to get it into the hands of non-technical people like me and a lot of them. I have a few plans for this already but need the support of the network also, so everything I do is all about that .

I’m not good at many things but I am friggin awesome at dumbing shit down and making things simple, clean and easy in fact if I ever got into coding I probably would have liked to specialise in UI or UX or something like that. I talk people through how to fix shit like appliances all the time and I have had websites developed for me and I needed to be the guy that told the nerds what to do in order to make the tech-tard customers happy so trust me if you want this thing to skyrocket best to put it into one ‘suite’ IMHO.

Who cares though.

I also hope the farmer app thing or whatever it is isn’t going to then be a third bit of software or tool I need to open…