Suggestion: no posting of links without explanation

I’d like to suggest we add to the guidelines: no posting of links without some description or context, to help people understand what it is and why it is being shared.

Otherwise it wastes all our time, while the poster saves themselves the effort of writing ting a sentence or two. It’s a bug bear of mine, but not just mine! See Mastercoin issues and implications for Maidsafe funding - #31 by Al_Kafir


I completely agree. There aren’t really any posting guidelines at all right now (at least not that are easy to find) and I’m not sure exactly where to put to them so that people would actually read them.

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Maybe in the welcome topic or a similar pinned topic?


Descriptions can be placed in a title though.

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The community guidelines might be more suitable, although they’re currently quite difficult to find.

As for people actually reading them, I tend to find that such guidelines on other sites/mailing lists are really only used by established members to point to when a newbie “gets it wrong”. For example, the Boost mailing list is forever asking people to not top-post. Usually once someone is asked, they comply.

So I guess it’s maybe more important that we can easily point people to guidelines rather than expecting them to read them first?


Let’s say titles are not enough. I’ve probably been guilty of thinking that my post was so obvious that anyone should get it. Let the poster make her/his case as to why this should be relevant to our MaidSafe (Freedom, Privacy and Security) community.


I suppose the guideline should be phrased so it makes the point that a link doesn’t have to be clicked in order to find out what it’s about?

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Boy ooh boy I’m so guilty

click here

I totally agree with this post, I’ve been doing it all the time.

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We’ve all done it! Well most of us I reckon :slight_smile: