Suggestion: Make a new sub-category for updates

Maybe it’s time for a Development/ Release category. Releases are now flowing fast, but getting lumped in with Dev Updates.

Also, maybe forum admins could maintain a pinned ‘Current Releases’ post, curated from the info the devs post in ‘releases’. A master list of software resources that is edited, rather than appended to.

It’s getting hard to track where the projects at, if not monitoring the forum regularly…having a snapshot would be good for new eyes.


Not a bad idea there.

I would suggest that its two sub categories, maybe development/releases and development/oldreleases. And when a release is updated the old release topic is archived into the oldreleases and the releases subcategory only has current releases in it.


Sounds good, but maybe still fragmented? They seem to create new posts for Browser, Mobile, CLI etc…when really 1 ‘New release’ post could suffice and either be pinned or locked for comments and pops to the top only when they update.

Edit: or 1 post for each library might be clean


I’m thinking that with its own category there could be a topic for announcing each release (of any product) as it happens which does as you suggest and acts as a history, but each post is only small and points to the topic detailing the release.

Since there is only one topic per product it will be easy to scan down the category and get an idea of all the products available. Also since people will want to comment there will need to be one topic for each product release version.

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I’d action that and see how it turns out.

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I think we should try to do it with one new category first (Development/Releases) and see if it works well. We could simply pin the current release topics and unpin them when they get old (and maybe also close them or archive them). What do you think?


Disabling summaries on pinned posts might work…otherwise it’s a lot of screen space

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I don’t think that’s possible. But we can just make sure to not pin too many at once
(e.g. not more than 3).

Another option would be to sort topics by created date and to close topics for old releases with the last post pointing to a more recent release. This should make it fairly clear that all the pinned and open topics are for current releases.

I just created a #development:releases category and moved the recent Release topics there :slight_smile:

What about a Summary topic that has a single post per release pointing to the topic with the release. That way you only need to pin the summary topic in the category when a new release is done. The release topic will be near/at the top anyhow.

Not sure I understand. You mean every time there is a new release, we add a reply to that Summary topic with a link to the actual release topic?

Why not just edit the first post with a list of links to all the current release topics?

Well you can, but by adding a new post for each release then there is a inherent list of past and present releases.

Yes, but that list would already exist just by looking at the #development:releases category :slight_smile:
I changed the default sort order to created at (descending).

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How about something like this as the only pinned topic?


Looks good to me. . .

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