Suggestion/Issue cannot delete existing services

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Launcher version: [0.3.0]
Demo app version: [0.1.0]
Browser version: [Firefox 44.0]
Operating System: [Windows 7]

Describe the bug with as much detail as possible:
Unable to delete any services/websites
Pretty simple and obviously not intended, but i am unable to delete any test services that I have created, even after deleting their files/directory. :slight_smile:

What are the steps to reproduce the bug

  1. have services
  2. try and delete that shit

I’m not sure if delete is possible or not - depends on use of structured data I guess.

It would still be useful I think, to be able to “forget” or “hide” services you no longer want, so we do need this kind of functionality, but it might not actually “delete” them.

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I figure it will be more along the lines of this, no way to delete anything, but i should be able to abandon services I’m not using :slight_smile:

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(x-post from Suggestion, not a bug (again, sorry :/))

I would suggest that this be raised as an enhancement in the github repo’s issues: