Suggestion: Automatically pin the wiki/faq/project safe whitepaper to the top of the forum

I’ve been doing some more reading and noticed that a lot of questions often asked in the forum are easily/generally addressed in the Project Safe Whitepaper. Although links to the whitepaper, the wiki, “10 key facts”, and the great collection in the FAQ by @frabrunelle are provided in multiple/various locations, the noise to signal ratio is still high. It might just have been a browser issue in my case, but I feel like only came across some great posts recently after a lot of less important reading. These key/important posts had the option to be pinned but were not at the top of the forum category when I first started… (Maybe I just don’t remember glancing at them briefly at the time and then moved on not realizing how very important they were). Regardless, even if some of the information might be dated, I think it would be beneficial for EVERYONE if these things were automatically/force pinned to the top of the forum or otherwise somehow emphasized to a greater extent. They could still be placed in the beginners category, but having the foundational links/information always readily available might also serve as easy reminders for more seasoned members. Everyone enters this project through different portals with different experience and I think some automatic pinning like this would help minimize the learning curve needed for understanding the lingo that is required to effectively search the forum for topics and keywords. Perhaps this is not technically feasible due to the software platform being employed? Maybe the current push by MaidSafe marketing to have a SAFE Network Academy will address these concerns. Positive, negative, indifferent… what do you think? Other ideas?